No Place for the Meek?

Every once in a while, on this Forrest Fenn inspired chase, I find my self in a place that causes me, for just a second, to ask myself, “Self…what the hell was your senior citizen’s ass thinking?”

This is an abandoned mine in the Cimarron River State Park. Cimarron, loosely translated, means “…wild place.” Had where warm waters halted. Wasn’t too far, but had to drive. Put in below the home of Brown and concluded the mine was no place for the meek and all I had to do was walk/crawl to the end of it. At the entrance to the mine, I could see it was filled with water, so I went back to my SUV and put on my waders. Brought two flashlights and my camera with me.

Fenn has, on more than one occasion, said the treasure chest would not be discovered accidentally. After seeing the graffitti painted on one (right) of the two sides of the mine, I concluded this mine had seen more than casual activity and traffic through it, it had signs of recent mining, and…well…beer parties. Although I’m not sure why anyone would have a beer party in a cold, dark, wet, bug-ridden, abandoned mine up in the mountains.

But, the left side of the mine, I thought, had seen less activity, so I backtracked into that side of the mine. About 10 yards in, my flashlight caught a small cloud of mosquito-like bugs in its cone. I pointed my light up, and awakened the entire nest of eighty kabillion of the little monsters. Thankfully, I had covered myself in deet, so I wasn’t getting bitten. Nonetheless, it was a really interesting trip to the end of the tunnel as I fought the urge to run out waving my arms like a crazy man.

It didn’t strike me as the kind of place Fenn would “…throw his body on the treasure chest with his last dying breath.” Primarily because his last breath would have sucked in a bunch of bugs.

I can scratch this one off my list, and try to put the clues together again further down the canyon. I’ve got another 30 miles to work with.

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4 thoughts on “No Place for the Meek?

  1. Toby, my deepest condolence to you and your family. Your generosity to this community mirrors the image of your Mother. Thank you for all you have done.

  2. Toby, so sorry to hear about your Mom. May God wrap his loving arms around you and your family. *Hugs*

  3. Thanks for sharing your adventure!! I think finding the treasure will involve looking in many search areas and many areas within those areas. Only Forrest knows where that “special” place is. That’s why I’m searching all of them. And I may even have to go back to some of them as my understanding evolves.

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