Photo Album | Black Canyon River Run | December, 2013

Please click on any of the images to open it up in full-screen, player mode. (Note: I should mention that this trip onto the Colorado River below Hoover Dam from the Arizona side of the river had nothing to do with my hunt for Fenn’s treasure chest. The weather in New Mexico was crappy and the weather in Arizona was perfect, by Arizona in the summer standards. I hope you can live a little vicariously through the images. Although no where near as adventurous, I am always inspired by the YouTube videos produced and published by HannuYK.)

3 thoughts on “Photo Album | Black Canyon River Run | December, 2013

  1. Great pictures Toby, it looks like the weather was good and you had a fun trip. I like your boat, was it hard to setup and break down?

    I was looking at your outboard motor carrier, that’s a great idea. Did you come up with that or did it come with the boat? Was it stable when folded up and going down the road?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I think I need one of those boats.

    Anyway, looks like a really fun trip; thanks for sharing your great pictures and experience.

    • Goofy…Thank you, it was just perfect the entire weekend. The kaboat takes about a half hour to set up and a half hour to take down. It fits in a large bag, which then fits in with my other gear in the SUV. That’s an OBM Hitch. I designed it and you’re looking at the prototype. I’ve just completed the patent application and I’m going to be in Washington, DC at the end of the month to look for a manufacturer. It’s really stable. It’s based on the hitch mounted bike racks and can carry up to 100 lbs, which is about a 15 hp motor, which is about as big as you can put on one of the inflatables.

      My long term plan is to put the entire kit together, boat, motor, hitch mount, dolly wheels, oil, gas tank, required safety equipment, etc and sell it all as a package, then produce a series of training videos explaining how it all goes together.

      I’ll keep you posted on how we’re making progress.

      • Best of luck to you on your new venture…….Sounds like a great idea. Seems like folks are always looking for something else to use the tow hitch for. I’ve seen several tow hitch luggage carriers lately in my travels; I wasn’t sure that was a good idea when I saw the first one, but people seem to like the idea because I’ve seen several since.

        I rigged up some tow hitch telescoping flood lights to plug into my generator to light up a work area, it works really well. I never thought about getting it patented.

        Good luck again with your idea.

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