Where DO warm waters halt?

AGK20131226-01As you can see in the attached photo, I’m constantly reverse engineering all, or parts of Fenn’s poem.

For me the poem is closer to literal than metaphorical, and closer to metaphorical than metaphysical. Although, I have sense it contains all three.  When Fenn writes, “Begin it where warm waters halt…” my instinct, and my brain configuration draws me to the literal before even attempting the more difficult (for me) metaphorical or almost impossible (for me) metaphysical.

So, where, exactly, do warm waters halt?

Upon asking the question, I realized I wasn’t quite sure what was the temperature of warm water. A little research indicates there are several ways to define “warm,” ergo there are as many ways to define “warm waters.”

As usual in life, “warm water” means different things to different people. To the chemist for example, “warm” water is 112° F, which is measurably specific. To a game and fish manager it’s temperature that ranges from “about” 55° F (the temperature under which cool water species, like trout, thrive) to “about” 75° F (the temperature above which warm water species, like bass, don’t). When I tested warm water from my kitchen faucet against the inside of my wrist, then measured it, it ws 99° F. Interesting considering normal body temperature is 98.6° F.

The dictionary lists several, but defines the adjective warm as, “Somewhat hotter than temperate; having or producing a comfortable and agreeable degree of heat; moderately hot.” Not very exact.

The National Spa and Pool Institute considers 104° F to be the maximum safe water temperature for adults.  Therefore, spa controls have a limit that prevents heating past 104° F.

But, wait…there’s more. Again, it’s about Fenn.

On one hand, he spent 20 years in the Air Force, most of it as a fighter pilot. My experience with fighter pilots is that they all have a Dr. Jeykyll and Mr. Hyde personality component.

Outside the cockpit, he mimics Mr, Hyde’s flamboyance of inexactitude, a very relaxed look at the physics of life. Close counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Very much like the current public iteration of Forrest Fenn, and his responses to treasure hunt related questions.

Inside the cockpit, though, there’s a Dr. Jeykyll concentration on perfection. Turbine pressures, speeds, g-forces, coordinates, directions, distances, radio frequencies, fuel load, weapons count, etc. Want a good example? Count the number of numbers in the TTOTC Chapter entitled “My War for Me.”

Imagine how “…someplace in the mountains North of Santa Fe…,” “…not on top of a mountain…,” or “…it’s 300 miles West of Toledo…” would work for a fighter pilot.

So, another questions results.

Which of Fenn’s personalities wrote the poem, Dr. Jeykyll or Mr. Hyde?

I think Mr. Hyde. When Fenn walked away from his aircraft cockpit the last time, he walked away from it in the truest sense of the phrase. He left “exactitude” behind.


Because exactness is an impediment to freedom and independence.

And, if Fenn is anything, he is a high priest of freedom and independence.

So, where do warm waters halt?

Warm waters halt at any boundary where they are literally, metaphorically or metaphysically transformed to any temperature other than warm.

Lukewarm, cool, cold, frozen, hot, or steamed all qualify – and temperature may not be measured in degrees.


7 thoughts on “Where DO warm waters halt?

  1. Warm waters are definitely halting here in the northeast… blizzard conditions today through tomorrow w/ sub zero wind chill ! yea…!!

    • On one hand he showed no interest in the intracacies of setting up the live feed. On the other hand, he admits to writing the buyers names on every one of the tickets. Dr. J and Mr. H.

  2. Interesting take on Fenn’s personalities…….That is the compartmentalization we talked about on your other post…….I’m not sure he left “exactitude” behind when he wrote the poem. He said the poem was very precisely drawn by an architect; he wasn’t fooling around when he wrote the poem…….You can almost watch him change between Jeykyll and Hyde when he said that in your video.

    I do agree with you that your Mr. Hyde talks about the poem…….But it sounds to me like Dr. Jeykyll may have written it.

    Just my take on it……For what it’s worth.

  3. I liked your write up for this thread Toby…I worked closely w/pilots for quite a few years in a number of different roles. There are certain traits that make someone a good fighter pilot candidate. Being able to tune out all else except the mission at hand keeps them in the air. Knowing what to do precisely at the right moment, to survive, or to improve chance of survival is crucial. It all boils down to intensive step by step (in exact order) repetitive training. “Precisely” comes to mind as I write this. Perhaps Mr. Jekyll wrote it, and Mr. Hyde threw in a few extras to make it more fun… I think Mr. Fenn has learned how to utilize his abilities as a fighter pilot(calculating and detail oriented) to maneuver at will through the other side of his existence..so, where warm waters halt, without a prelude, would be to ambiguous to pinpoint the beginning…

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