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  1. Hey Toby, Noticed comments are closed on most threads here so I thought I would just put this here. The talk about Forrest commenting that several searchers had figured the first two clues and went right on by the “treasure”… I thought he said that they missed the rest of the clues.. Did he say that they were within 500′ of the treasure? Have a nice day!

    • Ken…comments close automatically after thirty days. I think. Regarding Fenn’s quotes: I think his quotes have been mushed up. I believe he has said that “people” have been withing 500 feet of the treasure AND that “searchers” have figured out the first two clues and then went “past” the treasure. But, it’s reasonable to assume that if “people” have been within 500 feet of the treasure, so have “searchers.” In the future, if the comments are closed on a particular blog entry, please feel free to use the form on the contact page.

  2. Great pics Toby. Funny how in a mostly dry desert type landscape water can become your greatest nemesis. Not many hiding places where you traveled, huh? LOL
    Been a long while since I last saw the wildness of NM, beautiful country!

      • Amazing how the sense of scale changes when your down to earth and gettin’ dirty. I can certainly relate.

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