10 thoughts on “Video: Post Raffle Drawing Interview with Fenn and Ali McGraw

  1. Thank you, Toby! Your videos make me feel as though I was present at the event. I am so very appreciative of Forrest and the entire community of searchers who came together on my behalf. As Forrest said, no one imagined the raffle would bring such an amount, especially me! Thank you so much for your contributions and hard work.

    • Renelle…it was my pleasure, I assure you. I don’t think any of us had imagined how well it turned out. We all hope for a speedy recovery, and back to other things like…searching for that darned box! Please let me know if you ever find yourself in New Mexico. Cheers. t.

  2. Toby, your coverage of the event was spectacular…you have outdone yourself again! Your ideas are great… what better way to immerse into the COMPLETE TTOTC than to know the players. Thanx for your dedication…

  3. Great interview………It’s always fun watching Fenn.

    Toby, what you are doing is much appreciated; the videos, the interviews, your podcast with different people (super idea and really interesting). Thank you for all your time, effort, and expertise…….We have our own roving chase reporter…..very cool.

    • Thank you, very much. I know that it doesn’t necessarily contribute to “The Chase,” but it’s fun to give it body and texture. I’m having a great time with it. And, based on my experience of the live stream event last Tuesday, I’ve decided to announce a new business at my retirement party next week.

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