How to Get the TTOTC Wall Map, Limited Edition Print Signed by Fenn (Before it’s too late!)

TTOTC Map by BenchmarkWhy is it important?

Because as of this morning, there are only 35 of the 100 numbered prints remaining.

As I used to say to my kids, you have two options.

Option #1, useful if you don’t live near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Those interested must email Bridger DeVille at Benchmark Maps only as the time/date stamp determines their place in line. He will call you directly. You can contact him by visiting the Benchmark Webpage dedicated to the map by clicking here. Bridger said that they had about 15 maps remaining, and provided this screen-captured map indicated from whence the already processed orders have come.

TTOTC Maps: Sources of Orders Processed

TTOTC Maps: Sources of Orders Processed

They’re $100 including processing, packaging and shipping along with the certificate of authenticity.

Option #2 is to walk in to Collected Works Bookstore and Coffeeshop in Santa Fe. You can buy them over the counter. If purchased in this manner, the certificates of authenticity are available from Bridger if requested by email. I spoke with Joel, one of the CW staffers this morning, and he said they had about 20 remaining.

My recommendation? Act now!

And, as always, good luck with your search.

15 thoughts on “How to Get the TTOTC Wall Map, Limited Edition Print Signed by Fenn (Before it’s too late!)

      • Ha! Only I laugh and laugh… I am sure worth every penny and a good leg up! Alas, until I find some income, my little “get well” stash is running LOW. I suppose I better get working on the box again, but you have the map! 😉

      • What? No way, you rock!! I am on the road, though…and do not have a cell. Po box 804 hot springs, mt 59845…
        Yipppeee. I am so blessed with treasure! It is in the heart, and yours is big, thank you!

      • Oh good..thanks.i sent it but then realized i put my name and location online.. Hahaha… I can be challenged with technology and very naive… 🙂 thanks for looking out. Also, the chemo has fried my head.. Arrrggg. My memory is worse than it was, oh my..yes it is blonde hahaha

      • Oh..hey jemez scenic??? Double horseshoe springs… The iron cross was very ornate at the first one.. One black, one white.. ( cuba side). After passing it, seeing the second horseshoe springs, realizing it is a “colorful trip through time…” Hum….i would LovE to go, back to that ornate cross and look at it… Is it metal?..why is it so fancy! If it is there, can I have a Doubt i will get back that way. Although, it is another..oh the end..but how did I get here?…i can bend the clues to fit my experienced this?

      • I was familiar with the Jemez from an outdoorsman’s perspective prior to becoming a searcher. It has never entered my consciousness as a possible location for the treasure. Next time I’m up in that direction, I’ll look for your crosses. Although, as you may have noticed, our highways are dotted with them, as memorials. They’re called “descansos” in Spanish. Colloquially, it translates to “rest stop.” One of the early crazy searcher stories involved a gentleman who was digging them up, convinced the treasure lay below.

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