A Message of Desperation

forrest-fenn-hidden-treasure-clues_300_200This morning, I received the following email via the form on the Contact Page on this blog.

dear sir’
is there treasure out there to get and where they at write me back please
write me soon please Thank you?

It is transcribed verbatim. The name indicated it was written by a woman, and she will remain anonymous.

The first time I read the email, I quietly laughed to myself, thinking, “It ain’t that easy, lady.”

Upon further reading, though, I inferred a sense of desperation – “write me back please write me soon please.”

I wondered what could be running through her mind.

The need for the certainty of the treasure’s existence, for one. Easy enough. But, it’s location? Seriously? I decided to write her back. The following is my response.

Dearest M**********,

Thank you for your email. I’m going to answer your questions as best I can, and make recommendations about what you should do.

I, and many others, believe the treasure does, indeed, exist. It was hidden by a gentleman whose name is Forrest Fenn. He describes the treasure in one of the last chapters of his book, “The Thrill of the Chase.” In the book, he also says that he hid the treasure “…in the mountains someplace North of Santa Fe.” He also provides the treasure hunters with a map, of sorts, in the form of the poem. It’s printed in the book, but you can easily find it online, including on “The Poem” page on my website.

Fenn receives hundreds of emails every day. Some of them ask where the treasure is hidden, and others write that they have found it. As of today, Fenn says that the treasure has not been found.

In order to find the treasure, you must interpret the nine clues Fenn wrote into the poem. I, and many others, believe the first clue in the poem is “Begin it where warm waters halt…”

There are likely tens of thousands of people from all around the globe looking for the treasure in the mountains North of Santa Fe. Some of them for more than three years. I began my search about a year ago, and I don’t think I’m any closer to finding the treasure today than when I started.

But, to show you how difficult Fenn has made it to find the treasure, it turns out that when he wrote “in the mountains someplace North of Santa Fe,” he meant the Rocky Mountains running from Northern New Mexico through Colorado and Wyoming to Montana.

In a recent interview, Fenn said, “Well, you know…let me put this in perspective. So many people have decided they’re going to take a picnic lunch out on Sunday and look for the treasure…or something to do over spring break. I’m lookin’ at a hundred years down the road…a thousand years, maybe ten thousand years down the road.”

So, to answer your questions: yes, there is a hidden treasure and – I don’t know where it is. Because, if I knew where it was, I’d go get it.

So, here’s what I recommend.

If you can afford it, buy Fenn’s book, “The Thrill of the Chase.” If you can’t afford it, start reading the various blogs and forums dedicated to the search. There’s a list of links to them on my blog  in the navigation bar on the right side of the page. You should also view some of Fenn’s interviews on YouTube. They’re easy enough to find by searching for “Forrest Fenn.” Read the poem. Not once, but once a day…at least. Then you need to start doing your own research to determine “where warm waters halt” or what “the home of Brown” looks like.

That’s what the tens of thousands of other searchers are doing, probably as I write this response to you. You won’t have any trouble finding information on the treasure and the search, it’s out there on the Internet. Eventually, you’ll find yourself a member of the search community and communicating with hundreds of others.

I’m sorry I can’t give you exactly the answers you sought, but I hope I have been helpful.

Good luck in your search. Come by to visit us here at A Gypsy’s Kiss, and let us know of your progress.



2 thoughts on “A Message of Desperation

  1. Goofy, Obsession and greed will do that. I see the obsessive side every time I scan the various blogs. There are some that have gone over the edge(IMO). Hopefully no one wanders off or gets seriously injured. I have to admit that my first trek was an adrenaline ride from Hell. 2600 miles one way, non-stop w/a cranky partner was just crazy. My subsequent trips have been low key w/ side trips planned in. You are right, there is some beautiful scenery and a whole ton of historical sites to visit. I make it a point to smell the posies on the way by. Good luck to you and thanks Toby for the story. It is a wake up call…

  2. I was amazed how much email I received after posting the “cheat sheet”. Some wanted their thinking verified, some wanted to share their solution and some, like the email you got, seemed desperate or irate. It seems the treasure is very attractive to bipolar folks for some reason. Trying to gently tell someone in a manic state their solution makes no sense at all is an impossible task; I worry about these folks wandering around in the wilderness.

    I had one couple send me their solution for my opinion, it was going to be their fist trip to the Rockies………I replied with a list of the clues I thought they were stretching to make them fit with the other clues that did seem reasonable, so in my opinion it probably wasn’t there.

    I also told them I hoped they understood Fenn’s intentions of getting folks out into the Rockies to enjoy nature; and gave them a list of things to see, places to stay and eat, things to be aware of, and best routes to take on their trip. I also gave them a list of things to take along and told them to set their camera on the highest resolution and get plenty of memory cards.

    A couple months later I received an ecstatic email and lots of pictures from them telling me about their trip. They didn’t find the chest but did follow my instructions and had a wonderful time. I was very happy about that. They are already planning their trip for next summer.

    I find it very sad that folks are driving right past some of the most spectacular landscapes on the planet because of their obsession with finding the chest…….Oh well.

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