8 thoughts on “A Gypsy’s Kiss: The Podcast | Episode 004 | Mike Kaufman (ttotc.com)

  1. Another great interview Toby; it’s always fun to hear what the other searchers actually sound like and have to say in person (so to speak).

    Good luck with your new business, that’s a good idea and you are obviously good at what you do.

  2. Seems there are a number of similar back stories. People have read about the Chase while traveling via aircraft. It would be interesting to know how the majority have learned about the treasure…I was trying to recall exactly how I got started with the Search and can not pin point that moment. I do a lot of metal detecting and I believe I was researching someone’s find on line using google and the word “treasure” brought up the story about Fenn’s hidden treasure. The blur of the Chase seems to have erased that part for me ! Might be an interesting poll to post.

    • Gosh. I can’t remember either. I recall making it a point to go to one of his book signings at The Inn at Loretto in Santa Fe. I bought the book at Collected Works the same day, before going to the signing. But, damn if I can remember how it caught my interest. I should have added it to the most recent survey, but certainly can make it the next poll. So, help me with some options: Accidental Find on Google. Accidental Find on YouTube. Informed by a Friend or Family Member. Read article in Hemisphere Magazine. Heard it on the National or Local News. What else?

      • Maybe Today show, someone traveling to Santa Fe stopped at Collected Works. Over heard conversation. Behind the scenes workers passing on story (person from where the book was made, news team member, flight crew) People living near some of the hot spots probably found out from an incoming searcher. Some of Forrest’s contacts must have shared w/ others. I think it might be interesting to see the wide variety narrowed down to a common thread… or not..

      • The concept that really piques my interest is that “the beast” (modern technology) is probably the major contributing factor to the popularity of the search. Forrest, with all his best intentions has created an on line cacophony of bantering Google junkies all vying for the opportunity to hi jack an idea that may propel them to the solution. A meeting of the minds as it were. It is an ironic set of circumstances that may just crack the case….

      • This all brings up another point to ponder…maybe another interesting poll…If one were to be honest, how much time does the average searcher spend blogging, googling etc. versus actual boots on the ground time searching… I say all of this in a good natured way, and by no means do I want to sound any alarms…It is just interesting to see the ills of society permeating what was meant to be enlightening to the other extreme.

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