9 thoughts on “A Gypsy’s Kiss: The Podcast | Episode 005 | David Rice (Desertphile)

  1. Another great podcast Toby……….Desertphile is quite the character. Maybe one day his Fennboree will be held in Vegas with thousands of searchers attending. Or take over Yellowstone with Fennstock. 🙂

  2. Toby, thanks for doing what you do ! It was really cool to hear another podcast live from a real searcher…Interesting to note that most who speak of their experience w/ the Chase feel compelled to add that they are sure they will be the lucky one… Human nature at it’s best ! If Desertphile is the fortunate one to find the treasure it will be interesting to see whether the voice on his left shoulder wins the battle… The idea of leaving it behind does not compute from where I stand…I do like the idea of a future hunt though. Thanks

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