4 thoughts on “Fenn the Pilot. Fenn the Architect. His Treasure Poem is Not a Map.

  1. The next question is, how many type of maps there are? I mean you can take a napkin and sketch directions to explain someone how to get to a particular place. A map also only will show places names, rivers, lakes, roads etc. But FF is talking about a hidden treasure, so He is giving directions, just look at the words in the poem that imply directions… like in there, where, begin, halt, and take, from there… etc…. Im working on a solution that is no easy, but something is comming out. He has given a lot off hints, like he is impatient for someone finding the treasure.

    • As I said in the video, it’s not a map. It’s more like a recipe: a set of ingredients and instructions – definitely not directions. I also, as you can see in other posts on this blog, don’t agree that Fenn has given us a lot of hints. I met with him a couple of months ago, and he seemed more frail than I have ever seen him. I asked him if he was anxious to have the treasure found. He said, “I’m leaving it to the ages.” The longer it remains undiscovered, the longer he lives in infamy. Good luck in your search.

      • Hi, I agree that is like a recipe. And is not nothing easy to solve, he had said that not coding is necesary to get to the treasure, I think he means to get directly to the treasure. If you only need the poem, thats mean that there is something hiding on the poem, otherwise, it will be only simple words taking everybody trough their own imagination. The common sense is that he hide the treasure in or near yellowstone, or West Yelowstone, but I think is only a distraction.

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