19 thoughts on “Forrest Fenn DID NOT Hide a Treasure in 2009 or 2010.

  1. Sorry Mr Toby. Didn’t know about the liability wish you and shelley good luck.

  2. Toby i am not understanding why does it matter when forrest hid the treasure.that has nothing to do in decoding the poem.you are wasting your time on the year don’t make any sense to me unless you know something you ant telling us explain why the year matter.

      • Haha, true, just passing along what’s out there in the rumor mill. Don’t get me wrong, I think an earlier date makes a lot of sense. But as they say, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

        The 2009-10 date is so established in chase lore, with no contradiction from interviews with friends/people who know Forrest, that it takes more than speculation to claim there was a seven year gap between hiding the chest and publishing the book. A simple explanation that accounts for the math is that he said in Hemisphere that it was a visit with Ralph Lauren, in 1996, that had him revisit the idea of hiding it. So while the initial idea was formed in 1988/89, 1996 is more or less fifteen years out from 2010, and that could be when he started poem 2.0. 1996 as the start of the whole thing is not without it’s own problems, but it certainly need less explaining.

        I don’t know. I’m just saying, “Forrest Fenn DID NOT Hide a Treasure in 2009 or 2010” is an extraordinary claim. Best of luck in backing it up. Personally, I think it would be more convenient if he did hide it around 2002. That’s the year his sister passed away, leaving him as the only surviving member of his immediate family. It seems like an appropriate time to be thinking of these things. I just don’t know that it’s true, and I wouldn’t hold that as a fixed idea when out searching.

      • So, far, I don’t need to back it up any more than I already have in the 20+ minute video. Until someone refers me to a 20+ video with evidence that contradicts my theory, I’ll have to stick with my theory.

      • Hey Toby where did the contact me go on your blog. Are you interested in some idea of mine.i might be able to shine a light on your ideas.

  3. From the MW web site –
    Weekly words for October 14th, 2016 are as follows:
    *I could have written the poem before I hid the treasure chest, but I didn’t. f

    Maybe because the treasure was hidden well before 2009?

    • We believe he wrote most of the poem before he hid the treasure, because a. he knew exactly where he was going to hide it, and b. why wait until writing the book? There are too many opposing quotes, including a couple cited in our most recent vlog that indicate he was working on the poem back in ’88.

      • Thanks Toby – I think that I made my comment too brief because I was trying to support your hypothesis that the treasure might have been hidden earlier than Forrest has hinted at. If he hid the treasure before finishing the poem then that MW quote fits in with your theory that the treasure was hidden before 2009-2010. He could have hidden the treasure in a number of years before the TTOTC was published and still have continued to work on the poem until 2010.

        Anyway, thanks for doing the videos – I enjoy them every Wednesday.

  4. The only correction I would make on my Winter Thoughts article is to re consider WWWH, it is my thought now that the second layer of meaning for WWWH may be at 32 degrees AKA the border of New Mexico, Old Mexico and Texas at 32nd Parallel , as you know the Rio Grande Rivers name at that spot changes to El Rio Bravo, aka bold, new and old Mexico, with Texas line thrown in for spice.

    Tom T

  5. I had started my search in 2012 in April and recently, In March of 2017 I publish an article called “Winter Thoughts” on Dal Neitzel’s blog, just type either Tom Terrific or Winter Thoughts on search line and read what 5 full years of work look like.


  6. Toby, how do you explain Forrests friend Howard the hat salesman, who says he saw the Treasure Chest after 2003 in ff’s safe?

    Tom Terrific

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