9 thoughts on “Forrest Fenn’s Treasure: Home of Brown Revealed

  1. the home of Brown in Forrest Fenn’s poem can be identified by the axeman drawing in his book- The Thrill of the Chase. the axe man cut down trees but where did they go? the trees he cut down were used to build a log cabin. evidence of this is the fact that he is looking at a bird in a nest. it can be said that birds build log cabins too although their logs are much smaller in the form of what we call sticks. either way the home or residence of the bird and the man is a log home. Brown is capitalized to denote proper name. in this case, forrest giving away the name Brown would be too easy. Brown is capitalized, and the axeman is looking at the bird. the proper name to be used for clue purposes is Byrd. as in the Byrd Naturalist Cabin located at the Draper Museum of Natural History. this is the home of Brown. we are to “put in” here…the expedition trailhead of the Draper Museum.

      • OS2- nope….the reason for moons and darkness in many of the drawings is because of the museum. no sunlight to protect artifacts. “effort worth cold” in addition, the building is temperature controlled.

      • OS2- as for where warm water halts. yellowstone. heres the set up.

        stanza one – is describing the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, WY. this is where he has “gone alone in there and with his treasures bold”. the treasures are the items donated to the museum. namely, the donated gold dust and moose poke on display at the Draper. boldly, because he and Peggy’s name can be found on the wall near the entrance as donors. “keeping his secret where, hinting of riches new and old” …the museum.

        stanza two- is directions from yellowstone to Cody….
        “begin where warm waters halt” yellowstone
        “and take in canyon down” the road from yellowstone to Cody, is all downhill in a canyon. and is too far to walk.
        “put in below the home of Brown” the Byrd naturalist cabin.

        stanza three- describes the draper experience….the draper houses the sights, sounds and even smells of yellowstone. yes, smells.

        stanza four- gives instructions on what to do at the draper….”just take the chest and go in peace” take a photo of the chest (not the bronze box) and leave, you are finished.

        stanza five- insures you are at the right place.
        “so why (WY…wyoming) is it that i must go?”
        “and leave my trove for all to seek’. the museum
        “the answer i already know” answers to the touch screen quizzes for kids.

        stanza six- more confirmation.
        “your effort will be worth the cold” not cold water, not snow, but the cool air of the temperature controlled museum.
        “if you are brave and IN the wood” the chest you are to photograph has the letters IN stenciled on the lid.
        “i give you title (the poem) to the gold (the museum)”

        any questions?

  2. Good thinking here Tony… mining terms like ‘that new seam has a good floor and roof’ supports Fenn’s term “home”. I wish I could join the hunt, but alas, no. NM coke was better than most, and worth its shipping costs to out-of-state users. Up near Raton are some old coke ovens that can be seen from space…. they are near a canyon that on old GE maps was named Gardiner, but I think the name is different or missing on newer maps. Good luck.

  3. Good Job as always! I think this is a good clue,but there could be minor out croppings along the Rockies as well as larger outcrops. Thanks for the hints, as I’m not much good in figuring out puzzles.

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