5 thoughts on “The Unintended Clue: How and When Forrest Fenn Hid His Treasure

  1. I know you shot it 🙂 It just left me wondering if you thought it was doing the olddd 79 or 80 bit on the 15 years, or if you took it literally. You didn’t mention it in the vlog (unless i didnt catch it) so I was wondering if you missed it (how I dont know) or that you were assuming it was just a rounding error.

  2. I believe it was hidden in 2003… mainly because he said he hid it 15 years later (after he got cancer)

      • Btw, the 15 years comment was from the Moby Dickens signing (14:40-15:00) I have a couple of hunches, but I need to listen to the book ( and the poem) a few more times. My latest solve actually came from when I asked myself why my previous solve wasn’t logical.

        Sometime in the next month i will be taking a 10 day trip from near Santa Fe up through Montana.

        I don’t think you can count out any of the states for now, but my gut pushes me towards Wyoming or Montana (not in YNP)

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