Here Are the Nine Clues in Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Poem

  1. Begin it where warm waters halt.
  2. Take it in the canyon down.
  3. Not far, but too far to walk.
  4. Put in below the home of Brown.
  5. (From there) it’s no place for the meek.
  6. The end is ever drawing nigh.
  7. There’ll be no paddle up your creek.
  8. Just heavy loads and water high.
  9. If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, look quickly down, (your quest to cease).

9 thoughts on “Here Are the Nine Clues in Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Poem

  1. I just wanted to ask you a question. Forrest has stated a group of people came within 200 feet of the treasure chest, and they had the first 2 clues right but went right past the other 7 clues. So if your saying canyon down is clue number 2 is the chest in or within 200 feet of the canyon ?
    I have also seen in interviews he said if you knew what the HOB is you would go right to the chest. Wouldn’t it seem more logical if the HOB is clue number 2. I believe “your effort will be worth the cold” “if you are brave and in the wood” as clues. He is telling us to listen good, meaning these two are important. What are your thoughts ?

      • 200 – 500 feet from the car seems like too short a distance to be ” Not far , but too far to walk”. What do you think ?

      • I think “Not far, but too far to walk” refers to a driving distance from “…take it in the canyon down,” to “…put in below the home of brown.” I think 500 feet refers to the distance from said road to said treasure, and 200 feet refers to parking spot to said treasure. The implication being that said parking spot is 300 feet from said road. We estimated NFBTFTW to be between 4.8 and 10 miles. Watch this video:

      • Fenn answered a question that he made two trips from a vehicle to hidey spot in one afternoon which would seem to lead one to think the distance may be greater than several hundred feet and maybe up to a couple miles potentially?
        I was of the impression there was also a separate question where someone asked how far in miles he went from car to hiding spot and indicated something like within a few. I have tried to track that q&a down and can’t seem to find it.

      • We’re going to draw a treasure map in a few episodes. Our opinion is that when you are parked below the home of brown, you are within 200 feet of the treasure. I have made a simulated effort to hide the treasure: two walks from my car with a 22 lb weight, locating the correct spot, and hiding the treasure. The process took a little over three hours from the time I parked the car. I have no research indicating Fenn has ever said anything about the distance from the car to the spot where he hid the treasure, other than his reference to “searchers have been within 200 feet of the treasure.”

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