Photo Album: 2017 Lander Recon | Day 5

2 thoughts on “Photo Album: 2017 Lander Recon | Day 5

  1. Have you seen the You Tube video posted 07/07/2017 claiming that Forrest has retrieved the chest? There are 14 photographs comparing the original chest to what shows a copyright date of September 2016 that Fenn says he discovered on an old hard drive from 2010. That chest is clearly weathered compared to the picture of the pristine chest before it was hidden in 2010 (as claimed by Fenn). The blogger does not identify himself or explain how he got the photos. The video is attributed to the Fenn Fraud Research Project.

    • I’ve seen them, and commented on them. He got defensive. He’s misinterpreting the data. Those photos were shot sometime before 2003, and BEFORE Fenn hid the treasure. Many of the items shown in the photo did not make it into the final configuration of the treasure chest. And, his logic is faulty. His story: Fenn hid a treasure. In 2016, for an as of yet undisclosed reason, Fenn retrieved the treasure AND has photographs made of the retrieved treasure. Somehow, the YouTuber gains access to the photographs. A. Why would Fenn retrieve the treasure? B. Why would Fenn not announce he retrieved the treasure? Here’s the big problem with it: two searchers have died since 2016. If Fenn actually retrieved the treasure, and did not publicly announce the retrieval, he creates a massive liability for himself. Fenn’s just not that stupid.

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