18 thoughts on “Do You Have a Question About Our Lander Recon for Forrest Fenn’s Treasure?

  1. Riverton Regional Airport is only 37 minutes from Lander by car, and they have rental cars. Possibly or not?

  2. Thinking about one of your videos that I watched about FF making two trips. You have established that he rented a car and drove to a place. Assuming it is not a National Park, or fenced land. He parked the car, once again assuming, that he saw no other cars in the area. Would he not, first hike to the area to recon a place to hide the treasure? Even if he know the area from earlier trips, it would make since to me that he would want to scope out the spot first. Then go back to the car and load up the treasure and go back to the spot to hide it. If that was the case your 4 to 6 mile hike with a 42 pound pack at age 70 plus would be a chore. I idea of making two trips on the same day is not something I would like to do. Your thought?

    • Here’s what he’s told us: he parked someplace. He made two trips from his car to hide the treasure, one trip to place the chest, and a second trip to place the treasure in the chest and hide it. He did it all one afternoon, and that he was 79 or 80 when he did it.

      Here’s what we know from our experience: he didn’t have to walk anywhere near 4 to 6 miles from his car to efficiently hide the treasure. Nor would it have been possible to walk 16 to 24 miles total in an afternoon. It was more likely that he walked no more than a quarter mile. Based on our recons, that would easily put him in a quiet, off the trail location, with plenty of places to hide his treasure. We believe you don’t have to travel more than 500 feet from the “canyon down” road, nor more than 200 feet from the parking spot.

    • carl, I am new to this but you appear to be on target: it seems to me if a man can bury a $million treasure he can pop for a $90 motel room. mountain lodges & visitor centers make people sign a register because a C of C might give financial support & a lodge likes to say Whoopie Goldberg stayed here. plus his cover story might have been a fishing trip so he would stay another day to solidify his cover. good luck, tom.

  3. Will you address the clue about 300 miles North of Toledo. if we use Ohio (just saying) the search would be further North.

  4. I came across a hint, where as the chest is wet, yet searches look on dry land ?

    • Fenn recently said the chest is not in the water. His reference to the chest being wet was made in February, when the chest was likely covered with snow. Also, you probably know of the morning dew in every forest I’ve ever been in.

  5. Not sure if I am right or not, but didn’t Forrest’s wife say that the day he hid the chest she didnt even know that he was gone, or am I wrong on that ?

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