One thought on “What We’ll Do When We Find Forrest Fenn’s Treasure

  1. I think a lot of what you said was very good advice, some things I had not given thought to until you brought it up. Very interesting. I just started watching your vlog, and I gotta say you are very dedicated. Though I don’t agree with everything I do think you have an insight others have not considered. Two things I haven’t seen you talk about: heavy loads and water high, and brave and in the wood. These were my actual first solves and the reason I came across your vlog. We have a saying when we talk about Forrest, “it is what it is, and then it isn’t”. Forrest is a wordsmith every word has two meanings so first we look at the WORD for what the word is then we take it and flip it, twist it, backward forward, mirror, opposite until it fits like a puzzle piece. We’ve come up with some amazing things, mostly fluff, but some not so. Thing is, both meanings apply at the same time. And he has a sense of humor in most of his “clues” . I was wondering about PUT IN, started laughing when I looked at a map of Yellowstone. I could almost hear the 40s comedian Dagmar saying “well that’s the stupidest thing I ever heard, don’t you have to put in before you pullout?” The one I just happened to be looking at was fisherman’s pullout. Love to hear what your take is on the two lines.

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