Shelley and Toby Interview with Asahi TV in Japan!

Shelley and I just completed a 45-minute-long interview with producers and directors from the Japanese equivalent of “Good Morning America” on Japan’s Asahi TV! Apparently, they’ve become interested in treasure hunting, and especially the hunt for Forrest Fenn’s treasure. We spoke with a translator whose English was a good as most Americans and her questions were very incisive and thought-out. They plan to run the segment in about two weeks, and will send us a copy when it has run. We’ll share it with you then.


8 thoughts on “Shelley and Toby Interview with Asahi TV in Japan!

  1. Toby and Shelley, if and when Indulgence is found what are your plans for your Web Vlog? My brother and I designed http://www.nmtreasure.Com and until recently had charged a fee for allowing people to use our local knowledge and also guided people who wanted to hunt and explore New Mexico and Southern Colorado without wasting their time and resources learning our years of experience in the field.
    By now you unerderstand that Fenn and I have had a few differences, when Animal Planet filmed our group, and we signed contracts to become “Reality Actors” Forrest would not agree, so sunken plans ofor Mice and Men. Read one of my solves on Dale blog, type in “Winter Thoughts” or Tom Terrific in the search line.
    In producing, publishing that article realize that many others, similar to it have been sold by us and several people have paid for our guiding service, it stands to reason that this is potentially a new COTTAGE INDUSTRY, all that is needed is a team, a vision and local expierence,, with an eye toward safety.
    I’m sure if the other states would sponsor it and support “Save the Rockies” Tourism would flock like a murder of crows.

    Tom Terrific ^^TTTTTTTTTT

      • I have a suggestion, why not keep Fenn’s legacy alive? NM Tourisk has seen a boost in visitors in recent years in spite of recession, why not hook up with the various States Tourism Departmentso and sell pic’so and shovel in some steady $.

        Tom Terrific, as in “enthusiastic”
        about Savin the Rockies

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