Copy of Newton Brown’s “Sanctuary”

During our Lander/Sinks Canyon Recon, we visited the Pioneer Museum of the American West. It was very nicely laid out, with a very well curated, if small, research library. After getting permission to use it, I headed for the file cabinets, and pulled “B” for “Brown,” since it seems I’m always looking for options. Amongst the file folders for “Fort Brown,” “Frederick Brown,” “Brown Family,” and “Brown’s Spring,”  I discovered a thick manila folder labeled “Newton Brown.” He was an icon in Lander, having surveyed most of the area. Later in the week we discovered he engineered the hydro-electric dam on the Middle Popo Agie between The Sinks and The Rise. There was much more, but, I highly recommend you perform your own research on him.

Amongst the documents in the folder, I discovered a typed document written in a narrative style by Mr. Brown. It is entitled “Sanctuary.” After reading the first few paragraphs I was reminded of Fenn. There are no clues in the document, but it is very well written, and if there was a Bible of the Outdoors, it should be included.

Click on the image of the cover to start your download.

5 thoughts on “Copy of Newton Brown’s “Sanctuary”

  1. Toby, thanks for the good article. in the 70s those lakes had 10 lbs Cutt Hybrids & big Golden Trout. if you plan on returning to Lander: over 40 yrs ago the good folks at the Lander Court House had to order an old book from the U for us & copy it one page at a time (neighbors from Utah used to travel the west and actually eat the pages that spoke ill of their grandfathers if they could not steal the book outright). old books are now copied so check “Brigham’s Destroying Angel” by Bill Hickman. wagon tracks, fish fossils, petrified palm wood, Mormon gold diggings if you go back. tom

      • Toby, the world has changed a lot in 40 years but be sure to put snake proof gaitors on Shelly. one spring, heads down & looking for arrowheads on L PP A, my buddy walked onto a hill and it started to move- 20+ buzzworms. east of Cody (petroglyphs) is even worse. big ones along the lower Madison & north of Gardiner. tom

  2. A very nice essay by Brown. His sentiments are even more true today. Thanks for passing it on.

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