13 thoughts on “The 1st 5 Clues in Fenn’s Poem – SOLVED!

  1. Hi Toby and Shelley, Really like what you guys are doing, but am wondering why. These are very high quality productions and require lots of research. Why share where you think the treasure is, helping someone else to find it?

    • Toby, 3 weeks ago I spent 10 wondering around Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota retracing General Custard’s 1874 trip to the bad lands and his 1876 final trip there. I based at Cody. Because legend has it there is lost gold East of there call the Mystery of the Lost Cabin Gold. I carried a handheld GPS. I was not until I read your reply, smiled at your answer and went to take a shower and thinking about my trip and the area. Fenn is a pilot. He spent 15 years writing the poem. He went back to check on the treasure, and my have thought things change over time (Forest Fires, Roads change, rivers change course). He may have the Lat’s and Lon’s of the treasure. Is there any chance that it may be written into the poem. Each verse is a coordinate? We know we are searching in the N Latitude, 45 degree, that could be 2 clues. Your thoughts?

      • 1. It’s Custer. 2. When I first took interest in the search, and because I spent ten years in the ASA/NSA as an analyst, that was my first take on the poem. I reverse engineered it every which way from Sunday. 3. After coming to some conclusions, I realized that I had gotten to the – “Nope. I would not risk lives on this intelligence.” – point. 4. I agree with your premise that there is a high probability he would have documented the geographic coordinates representing the location of the chest. 5. I believe that there is a low probability that the coordinates may be encoded in either the poem or the book. 6. When we first started our video series, we had a segment entitled, “50 Shades of the Poem,” in which I dis-assembled the poem in a different way each episode. But, it wasn’t very popular, so we dropped it.

      • Got to love auto correct, not proof reading and not wanting the bacon and eggs to burn. Thank you

  2. Why are you going so far off base with the word “meek?” FF said you don’t need to know history to solve the clues, just TTOTC and a good map, and that with those someone could solve it even 1000 years from now. Do you really think some obscure history book is going to survive and be accessible 1000 years from now? BTW the opposite of meek is bold or brave, both words are in the poem. Maybe FF just means be bold, not timid.

  3. Toby, Kudos. you guys put out a very professional video. some re-enforcement for you: you did better than you know. check google earth, magnify, and look @1 mile downstream from Corwin at the beginning of Yankee Jim Canyon, east side of river. it will say “Joe Brown Trail.” send me an email address and I will send you more info where you were correct and did not know it. this is your show & all the focus should be on you, Shelley & the treasure hunt so delete this comment if you send me your email address. tom

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