4 thoughts on “Where to Find Fenn’s Treasure in New Mexico

  1. it is 1,200 miles to New Mexico but I am more interested in your video format & technique than the treasure. you always turn in a professional video. any Mt interviews planned? Shelly is an ethereal being, intuitive and able to hear what people do not say. in 6 months I have not found an interview with FF daughters or grandkids. where did he bury his dog? did he camp in a van? or stay in motels? did he road trip for a week? or 2 night stretches? FF planned this adventure for 20 years- somebody does not understand all they know about a conversation. tom

      • not really. any question might start a conversation. maybe when FF says, “2 people … one is dead.” he is saying his secret is not so secret. how can you live 30 years after a life changing moment (he knew the location when he talked to Doug Preston) and not mention it a loved one? it might have been so personal a man would be embarrassed to tell a loved one but he told a simpatico pilot at midnight in a riverside bar …. or an 8 years old grandson on the bank of the Madison. Paradise Valley is 60 miles from 2 daughters & 5 grandkids. we all “go grandpa” and talk about the green fields of long ago. tom ps, Doris Whithorn books will help you talk to the locals.

    • I would be surprised to see interviews with Fenn’s children or grandchildren. Fenn would never allow it. He buried his dog in his back yard. He did not camp in a van. When he travels he stays in motels. I do not know his road trip routine.

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