5 thoughts on “2017 Solar Eclipse at Totality

  1. Toby, You have laid out a good argument for Lander, Gardiner and New Mexico. I heard Shelly say that FF only published a small amount of books at first and only sold them locally in New Mexico. If that was true, why would he have hidden the treasure in Montana or Wyoming? What about the statement about the Pinyon nut. Isn’t that found in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado in high altitudes? Does this factor into this at all?

      • ok. I watched your new video, I could not figure out how to leave a comment below the video. So I will leave what I would like to see here. I think I would like for you to go back to the time line and break it down even further. Narrowing down the time line to when he hid the treasure, and go backwards to when he decided to do it. Filling in all dates, business meetings, public appearances, vacations. Then break down the 15 years to write the poem.

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