10 thoughts on “Where to Find Forrest Fenn’s Blaze

  1. Toby, enjoy retirement and I will miss your insight but Shelly is going to do a great job, she is much easier on the eyes and less rough around the edges. Although I take a different Track than yours about what the Blaze is or means your thinking is objective and clear. For many years later felt that WWWH was the first clue, in fact if you look at my “Winter Thoughts” article published in March 2017 on Dal’s Thrill Blog it was stated along with another revelation about Fenn’s Father going to special place with him when William Marvin Fenn was 80…Thus the statement of ff, do not go where an 80 year old couldn’t. My email address is tomterrific1947@gmail.com I have agreed with most of your analysis but clearly there is another layer of the poem that is like an archecihecturial structure. I an send you a photo that might make you rethink the Sangre De Cristos. Could be the Blaze, II not unlike WW1 AND WWII. Tom Terrific, as in enthuastic about Savin the Rockies.

  2. In a video Fenn states that people has not to start to look for the blaze because there are “billions of blazes”. Probably you already know about this statement but my question is: if there are “billions” of blazes, does this eliminate the “pictorials” and a few other possibilities? Or do you think that Fenn was just misleading?

    • It is possible that there are billions of blazes, although I doubt it. He reinforces the idea that it must be natural, rather than man made. There could very well be, for example, billions of quartz outcrops. But, like him, we believe it is not possible to see the blaze other than with BOTG.

  3. Agree with the rock deposit, as geologist I have been thinking the same, could be marble, granite, sandstone, a very bright rock that makes you” tarry scant with marvel gaze”. And in winter is hard to see the diference because the snow.

  4. Tony/Shelley…the viewer must have been looking at something high up for the poet to remind him to ‘look quickly down’…. feels like Being in a planetarium or something.

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