Apparently, there’s some confusion about my retirement…

To clarify: I am retiring as CEO and Executive Director of Videotero, LLC, the production company I founded in 1979. I am also dissolving the corporate entity and deleting all Videotero’s on line properties except Videotero’s YouTube Channel. There is one remaining project for a single client that will require our effort until March of 2018, but we will not be taking on any additional work.

I, along with my search partner, Shelley Carney, will continue to:

  1. Search for Fenn’s Treasure until we find it.
  2. Maintain this blog.
  3. Maintain the “A Gypsy’s Kiss” Facebook Page.
  4. Continue to maintain the “A Gypsy’s Kiss” YouTube Channel, updating it at least once a week with new content.

Hope that clears up the confusion.