9 thoughts on “Answering Subscriber Questions #2

  1. Hi Bob,

    I read your messages with some interest, I live in Scotland and have never been outside of the U.K

    I am visiting your beautiful country next year for seven days to get involved in the chase as I truly believe that I have solved the nine clues and more including knowing what the blaze is.

    I have got an interest in one spot only, I have learnt over the months that a lot of people make the same claim, however my advice to you would be too try and solve it yourself.

    You could be giving out vital information and not know it, if it feels right then you will know, am I making sense to you.

    Stay safe out there.

    Ronnie the Scot

    • Yes I understand and I thank you very much. As I said it only takes one person to believe me. But I just don’t know how to get the lines to cross and make the “X” as to where the treasure is. Maybe you and I could make it work. Do you have a email so we can communicate and keep our conversation private?
      Thank you

  2. I also believe that I found the blaze or something very significant on the map in ttotc.

    • Here’s the problem: When you claim you have all the waypoints to the treasure and you found the blaze, most other searchers wonder two things – 1. If your solution is that good, why don’t you just go recover the treasure yourself(?) and, 2. How many times in the last seven years has yet another individual claim they’ve solved the puzzle and are offering to sell it. I can assure you, you’re not going to get any interest at all.

      • I did not say I have a solve. I said I have 4 waypoints and I don’t know what to do with them. I tried triangulation but there are four points not three. And I really don’t care who believes me and who doesn’t. I know. But it only takes one person to help me solve on connecting the dots.

      • Sorry Toby
        I can’t find the forms in chase chat
        What happened to them?
        I was hoping you and I could team up, but that is ok as I will figure this out one way or another.
        My information came right from the poem and map.
        Forrest used a very good technique and if it did not come directly from the poem then I would not be so aggressive in trying to find someone that special person to help me on this journey. Bob

      • We get offers to “team up” regularly. We have a contract with non-disclosure agreement attached. Basically, the contract signer would have to agree to: 1. remain completely silent about the contract, 2. agree to our plan to dispose of the treasure as stated in our video – including never disclosing when it was found and by whom, and 3. a 25% share of the proceeds at auction, after all the taxes have been paid.

  3. Ok this is a first for me as far as communicating with the two of you.
    What do I do with the four waypoints that I have decrypted from the poem itself? I have posted this in other places but no one believes me or cares.
    I just don’t know how to connect the dots?
    Any ideas?

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