Reminder: We Will Live Stream the Fenn Event on November 2nd.

No ticket? No problem.

You didn’t get one of the 46 tickets to the Forrest Fenn book signing at the Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe on the evening of November 2nd?

No problem!

Watch it all from the comfort of your home. And, participate in the live chat with other viewers while the event is taking place!

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be informed when the stream goes live:

Busy on the evening of November 2nd?

No problem!

YouTube will automatically post the video of the event to our YouTube channel as soon as it completes its processing.

If you have a question you’d like to have answered, write it in the comments below, and we’ll give it a try.


6 thoughts on “Reminder: We Will Live Stream the Fenn Event on November 2nd.

  1. I would like to know that if the chest is in an area that he knows has been greatly impacted by environmental damage. If so, has the final hiding spot become any more difficult to find since the chest was hidden. Cant wait for the live stream! Toby and Shelly, I must apologize for not emailing or responding to some earlier correspondence I had sent after flying out to New Mexico from Ohio on the “Chase” in Sept. I am very hesitant to share my solve , I hope you can understand.

  2. Hi,

    I have a question for Forrest on 2nd November.

    If a searcher lived far away and it was impossible to go straight to the treasure to retrieve it, but he/she had the correct solve and sent their correct solve by e-mail to Forrest.

    Forrest knowing the above information that the chaser cannot physically get to the treasure due to distance and lack of funds, but knowing that this person has sent in the correct solve and the spot to within lets say within 300 feet of where the T.C is.

    Would he reply to the sender and tell them that they have got the correct solve and if he/she wants the treasure then they would have to come and get it, or would he not reply.


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