Another Search Season Ends. Fenn’s Treasure Remains Hidden.

As of this writing, November, 2017 is drawing nigh.

Counting a short one in 2010, that makes eight seasons under searcher’s respective belts (including 5 for me) with nothing to show for it.

Well, not exactly nothing.

To me, the distance between reality and fantasy in the forums is not only greater, but increasing at a far more rapid pace, as the combination of frustration and the evolution of interpretation and argument is ever more exaggerated. In some ways, they are helpful to Fenn’s goal of the treasure remaining hidden for at least a thousand years.

I can write without equivocation:

  • Fenn is not providing the community, any of them, especially “certain individuals,” additional hints or clues.
  • Nothing Fenn has said or written since the first edition of his “Thrill of the Chase” in 2010 has helped any searcher get closer to the treasure he hid.
  • No one has been closer than 200 feet to the treasure – and knew they were closer than 200 feet – a quote Fenn still used as recently as May, 2017.
  • There is zero in the way of evidence that any searcher has correctly decoded what are the meanings of “warm waters,” “home of Brown,” “no place for the meek,” and “the blaze.”
  • There is zero in the way of evidence that the treasure is hidden North of the border between New Mexico and Colorado.
  • To me, Fenn is tired of the “Chase,” realizing he significantly underestimated the number of interested parties, and the size of the population he once referred to as “the 7%.”

Here’s the good news: it’s still out there, and we have at least six months to plan our 2018 campaign, comfortable in the knowledge that no one else is any closer than we. Although, based on what I read in the forums, thousands are farther away.

Good luck in your search.

14 thoughts on “Another Search Season Ends. Fenn’s Treasure Remains Hidden.

  1. Great post!

    But I humbly disagree with this statement:

    “Nothing Fenn has said or written since the first edition of his ‘Thrill of the Chase’ in 2010 has helped any searcher get closer to the treasure he hid.”

    To make this statement without equivocation, you would have to know every word Fenn has spoken or written since TTOTC, and also know how every single searcher interpreted and where they searched. No one has found the treasure, but people might be getting closer!

    I’m just being optimistic 🙂


  2. I have followed your presentations for months and researched Fenn’s poem and TTOTC for years. I (like others before me) believe that I have a good idea of the “area” where the treasure lies. I think you also have a good idea but are unwilling to reveal your true thoughts. Fenn’s “special place” that I will be reconortering this week converges too well with the 9 clues and and Fenn’s obsession with fishing and Indian artifacts. I will also be bringing a different “tool” to assist me in the hunt. Maybe I’m in left field, but to me the analysis seems to jump out to the obvious when put together. Wish me well. I wanted to go earlier before the snow, but circumstances prevented it.
    PS: You already have a good idea of what the blaze must be, I got the idea from you.

  3. I would guess that until the treasure is in-hand, the person who knows ‘where warm waters halt’, ‘home of Brown’, ‘no place for the meek’, and ‘the blaze’ will will keep his or her mouth shut, thereby leaving no evidence for anyone else to follow; the same is true for the treasure’s location, regardless of the state in which it resides.

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