The End Has Drawn Nigh.

The following are my opinions.

I have, on more than one occasion, said and written that the event on May 18, 2017 caused a change in Fenn. He was already tired of the “activity” around the effort to find the treasure he hid. May 18, to me, was the straw that broke the burro’s back. Soon after that, Fenn made a conscious decision to put distance between him and the search. Effectively, he went quiet, to the extent that it became a topic of conversation in the community.

There was, of course, a production effort to get the new book out, but most of the work was performed by Jessica, Susan and Lou – with a little help from Preston. The book, perhaps providing the opportunity for Fenn to pay down some karmic debt. Not that he has much, mind you.

But, if there was any doubt about Fenn circling the proverbial wagons closer to him, the book signing at Collected Works in Santa Fe on November 2, 2017 should put those doubts to rest. Call it his swan song.

(We streamed it. You can see it here.)

Here’s what I observed: a man who has made another conscious decision to spend whatever remains of his life not worrying about whether his treasure he hid is found or not. He’s done. We will cover the topic more in our next week’s live stream on YouTube. Subscribe here.

He will, I believe, go quietly, bravely, confidently, securely, proudly, happily, and with a great sense of satisfaction, into the night.

And, I believe he’s entitled to every bit of it.

Godspeed, Forrest Fenn. Thank you.

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  1. I believe “the end is drawing nigh” is literally how it doesn’t nds, but it can be interpreted in at least two ways: either it is a note to the reader that the end of the search is very close or you are coming to a physical stop requiring a decision at that phase of the search.

  2. Recently I was going back through some of Jenny Kyle’s questions answered by FF and found an answer to a question about the kind of places he regards as special. He answered that he had a place that he used to go when the stresses of running his gallery (among others) started to build up – It was a small, quiet graveyard near his home. This response made me think of an interpretation of the poem that a well known searcher posted online as part of his solution. He believed that “The end is ever drawing nigh” referred to (Forrest’s own) death, and that the proximity of a graveyard helped validate his solution (which ultimately turned out to be false). A place of burial, either Native or European American, could still figure in the solution. Your thoughts?

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  4. I agree. Probably he got annoyed by thousands of emails and live questions. Often the same ones. I am amazed that at the beginning he was so kind to answer the questions to anyone. I think that he underestimate the number of searchers interested in the treasure. I live in Italy and I am planning a trip too..

    • There are several reasons, I think. The growth of the search community, the constant demand to provide new/more clues due to frustration, and the “crazies” and, boy, are there a couple of those. He’s done as much as he can short of printing a map with an “X” on it. Time to rest. Let us know if you find yourself near Albuquerque and we’ll buy you a cup of espresso.

      • Thanks for your kind offer but I come with my family ( 2 kids too) I’ll be glad to offer you an italian coffee or cappuccino. Believe it or not I was during my honeymoon in Albuquerque and Santa Fe on september 2010, but of course I had no idea about the treasure hunt.
        Last thing: in Italy Forrest would have been “assaulted” by the press looking for clues, day and night.

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