Postmarks: The Thrill of the Chase, November, 2017

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6 thoughts on “Postmarks: The Thrill of the Chase, November, 2017

  1. Never mind, I just saw your blog after my last posting and saw that you already looked into the incorrect days of the week and dates on the postal stamps.

  2. Toby, it doesn’t appear that the day of the week matches up with any of the legible dates. I took a quick look at the old calendars and have yet to find a stamp that has the correct day of the week associated with the date. I’m just trying to decide if there is an obscure clue in there.

  3. Nice work! Thanks! Do you believe the postmarks have meaning? In a 7/8/13 interview Forrest said “Like with The Thrill of the Chase, Susan put the little postmarks in there and the little corners on the photographs. I mean, it’s kind of a home grown scrapbook. And this new book of mine, it’s going to be that way.”

    • I have mixed feelings about the postmarks. My first years in the search, I thought they had meaning. My middle years in the search, I felt the opposite. Now: I’m going to revisit them over the off season.

  4. Hi Toby,

    I just started watching some of your videos and reading your blog. Well done, and I see you’ve come up with some of the same things I have over the years.

    I have a question I would like to ask you privately. How do I do that? My email is

    Thank you!

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