A Clue in the Denver Museum of Nature & Science?

56 of the Objects in the Fenn Cache. Cast.

We have, on numerous occasions, been asked where we are planning our next recon. Between January 17, and January 22, we shall be traveling to Denver to visit the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. We believe there is at least a hint, and perhaps even a clue, hidden amongst its exhibits.

From the foreword, written by Douglas Preston, to Fenn’s third memoir, “Once Upon a While:”

“The final clue, he (Fenn) said, would be where they found his (Fenn’s) car: in the parking lot of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.” (Italics are mine.)

We do not believe the clue would have been found in his (Fenn’s) car or the parking lot of the museum.

The clue, we believe, is within the museum. We further believe the clue is related to Fenn’s “special place.”

We will report on our findings next year.

Edited: This is not meant to imply that our position on the matter of “in which State the treasure is located” has changed.

Edited: Helpful in planning your visit.


6 thoughts on “A Clue in the Denver Museum of Nature & Science?

  1. Since he has also spoken of leaving his vehicle in a different place as a clue (university of pheonix was it?) it stands to reason that the last clue may have something more to do with the position of the vehicle in the parking area. For example if he parked in row c section 12 space 40.

    Btw, i am a member of the denver museum and it is definitely full of potential clues. A great place to meander about and discover! I used to know a couple of old professors who worked there for a bit and saw some wonderful things amongst the archives.

    I have often wondered why mr. Fenn would have the last clue be based on something that may not have been well documented. If he were to dissapear just before or shortly after his poem were made public and before it would have gained noteriety….isnt it possible that where his vehicle was found may be at most a blip in the local news. And 100 years from then…might that information be potentially lost forever?

    Or was he possibly counting on the fascination of a missing man and a treasure poem to be the catalyst for a world wide start to the hunt that would have cemented any tiny bit of information into the chase permanently?

  2. Welcome to the Dark Side Toby! I do believe there is most definitely a major hint with the Denver Museum. I had posted on the Sept 14th “Not in Colorado” vlog about me laughing out loud when I saw this was to be the last clue mentioned in the foreword of the new OUAW book. I could relay my thoughts via email on my reason for laughing now or after your return as to not cloud any thought while there if you’d like. Also, I do not think it to be the only hint in the new foreword. Congrats on the new edition to the fam. btw!

  3. I’m looking forward to an AGK vlog on your recon!

    I posted this on another blog, but here are my thoughts on the DMNS and the clue in the OUAW foreward:

    “The final clue, he said, would be where they found his car: in the parking lot of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.”

    1) The DMNS is on the way to Yellowstone from Santa Fe, New Mexico. (Yes, I think the treasure is in YNP)
    2) There is an Enterprise rental car ~1 mile walking distance from the museum parking lot.
    3) The DMNS interest in Earth Sciences began with its inception. The Campion gold collection, for example, was one of the Museum’s founding collections.
    4) This could be Forrest’s last subtle message to his extremist “colleagues.”
    Source: http://www.artifactsguide.com/catalog/extra_info_pages.php/pages_id/17
    “As another example of extremism, an archaeologist from the University of New Mexico said he would resign from the SAA because its president was a speaker at the “Clovis and Beyond” conference. He evidently objected to privately owned Clovis materials being displayed at the conference along side those held in the public trust, including collections from the Peabody Museum, The Smithsonian Institution, The Denver Natural History Museum, the University of Texas, and many others.”

    Just sharing my opinions and research. Happy chasing everyone!

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