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We Discuss Lorene Mills Interview w/ Forrest Fenn | Live Stream Followed by Q&A

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fossilman123​im here

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Clayton Watson​Hello Hello

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Rick Plank​Hello from Cincinnati

Allen K​Hello AGK! Looking and sounding good!

Wayne Peterson​hey all NuggetBrain Wayne here

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David Charles Davio22​Like hat you all are doing lately. Much Love

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David Charles Davio22​Davio audio. Sounds good.

Edward Owen​sup

Cmonkeyification​Aww, new book smell. Mmm…

David Charles Davio22​New book smell. lol

Laura Doise​watch all the time!!

Andrew West​AGK Third time catching you live!! Spread the good word Toby

Andrew West​AGK, didn’t you guys already post this Video? Didn’t it originally have the New Mexico arts intro NMEA?

Nikolai Strov​[message retracted]

Nikolai Strov​[message retracted]

Steve Gaghagen​AGK searcher was Marc Howard

Jimmy Fast​Keep it mint in box for the most Money

Cmonkeyification​AGK: When you inform the media, tell us where it was located!!!

Eric Schmidt​AGK: when you anonymously have it auctioned at Southbys won’t they the IRS tax you? (even though the auction price will be higher the government will take their share)

Cmonkeyification​AGK: or at least where warm waters halt

Eric Schmidt​Cmonkeyification – they have said they will never reveal where it was found if they find it

Jimmy Fast​There is no upside to revealing where it was found….tell no one!

Eric Schmidt​Jimmy – exactly!

Andrew West​AGK, where is the superchat button/link?

Eric Schmidt​Toby – check your thermostat..

David Dow​AGK: have you listened to the interview 10/25/2010? It’s about 20 minutes long.

Block​Can treasure be hidden in Santa Fe mountains ?

John Wood​it would be extremely difficult for me to part with any of the treasure if I find it.

Journeyman​I would say “I left 20-50 gold coins for 2nd place and good luck!”

James Kruse​Howdy

Jimmy Fast​@journeyman you will lose a lot of value if you break up the treasure

walters1134​the value is in the chase not the gold

Journeyman​It’s not about more value than I will already have gotten.

Joey Pero​Yes yes yes!

David Charles Davio22​I am sure there are two 1933 Double eagle coins. That would make world News.

Edward Owen​why 1993 are they valuable?

John Wood​Hopefully I can make enough sales from the autobiography that I can keep all the treasure.

Joey Pero​@AGK we should count the chapters *hint hint*

Edward Owen​David sorry 1933

Paul McGinty​8pm UK Time

Andrew West​How many joey?

David Charles Davio22​Page 4. First letter A alpha,

Eric Schmidt​Although 445,500 specimens of this Saint-Gaudens double eagle were minted in 1933, none were ever officially circulated and all but two were ordered melted down.

Paul McGinty​I’m watching from UK.

Edward Owen​Thanks

Eric Schmidt​NP

David Charles Davio22​Look up 1933 double. No one knows how many there are out there. But FOREST the great collector.

Bill Gorman​You’ll find many of his bottle caps in his special place which means you’ll need a metal detector.

Edward Owen​Thanks

An Average Person​AGK – did you notice at 7:24 min’s, she wants to discuss the treasure and starts with “so you buried the treasure…” and doesn’t get corrected.

Joey Pero​Hello AGK!

Liam O’Neil​An average person, she corrected herself right after saying that

Joel Lewicki​AGK: Hey!

Joel Lewicki​on twitter, “agypsyskisstv” and “agypsyskisslive” appear to both be available (FYI)

An Average Person​Liam… hummm… let me go look again, thanks.

Clayton Watson​🏔🏔🏔🏔

Steve Gaghagen​AGK how many differences are there between the different editions? could there be more hints in the first edition?

Andrew West​I am on my phone. I don’t see emojis or $

Jimmy Fast​No super chat on my iPhone 7+

Paul Ammons​got it👍

David Charles Davio22​Fenn the great collector 1933 Double eagle Thats how he will know it was found.

Stephen Johns​Hi AGK from Canada.

David Charles Davio22​Have seen you the video 2010 AT the CODY mussium

Joey Pero​Hahahhaha my pleasure ! Keeping it honest !

Cmonkeyification​[message retracted]

Cindy Guess​Mary-Charlotte Radio Cafe

Joey Pero​Start with the first post mark @agk

Timothy Alkire​why would ff say “Occasionally it’s wise for the fox to dress like the hound” if he hid it on Public land.

Nikolai Strov​[message retracted]

Adam Foddy​Hey Toby and Shelley! Hope you are both well

Block​Is the Santa Fe ski basin within the search area ?

Heather Guillen​Have you guys considered that the clues may not start in the 4 states that are represented? The treasure may be in those states but not the first few clues?

Paul Ammons​Do the nine clues and locations to those clues land within the boundaries of the TFTW Map”

Joel Lewicki​AGK: on Twitter

David Charles Davio22​THE Buffalo bill center interviews 2010.

MR G​AGK-Do you really believe that somebody has been within 200 ft or 500 ft from the treasure?

David Charles Davio22​McCracken Research Library has interveiws 2010

Timothy Alkire​I forgot to put AGK. on my question, darn it…

Chuck Denny​Hello from Charlotte, NC!

Nikolai Strov​[message retracted]

David Charles Davio22​AGK so new at this. McCracken Research Library is

Edward Owen​AGk do you have to reveal to anyone (IRS etc )where you found treasure….Thx

Block​[message retracted]

Liam O’Neil​I do, but what did fenn mean by searchers? Everyone is searching for something so anybody could have been within 500-200 ft

Nikolai Strov​[message retracted]

Cmonkeyification​David Charles Davio22 where are the videos located?

David Charles Davio22​AGK McCracken Research Library is the Buffalow bill mussium. . He was interveiwed, 2010. at the time he went out to bury it.

Block​AGK thank you for answering my question !! God bless .

Rick Plank​@AGK: Do you know if FF owns any other land?

Nikolai Strov​[message retracted]

Cmonkeyification​David Charles Davio22 Where can you find the inteview? Is it on their website?

Andrew West​AGK I solved the problem of public private land. Forrest “lost” this chest. All you have to do is return it and give me back my bracelet, and it’s yours.

Steve Gaghagen​AGK as for the new Mexico parks regulations for warm waters are more of them located north of Santa Fe or south of Santa Fe?

Stephen Johns​AGK Forrest once referred to a adding a hundred thousand dollar cheque as the way of telling if the treasure was found. Now he can’t remember if he did it. Your thoughts. Thanks

David Charles Davio22​AGK . Do you find it interesting that the book just Starts on page 4, and the first Letter is A… Alpha, page 6 W omega.? your thoughts ?

Eric Schmidt​Andrew WEst – that works only if FOrrest is still alive..

Cmonkeyification​AGK: Couldn’t Forrest just leave a legal title transfer document within the chest for the finder?

Andrew West​Eric he isn’t the only one who knows the location. If will be passed on with his estate

Journeyman​AGK I have looked at New Mexico fishing regs. Can you explain the in detail warm waters?

AJ 21​Do think WWWH could be a glacier ?

Edward Owen​AGK could you please explain why you beleive FF was closer to 70 verses 80? Thanks guys…

Paul Ammons​AKA I don’t believe I would keep a secret with FF…Lol

Heather Guillen​AGK Do either of you know how Fenn came into ownership of San Lazarus pueblo? I want to know if he bought the land knowing it was on the property and planned to excavate it or if it was a coincidence?

James Kruse​Agk: do you think the TC is bare, or did fenn protect the box somehow, which might allow it to be hiding it in plain sight?

Steve Gaghagen​thanks Toby and Shelley great show and great content!

MR G​AGK-I know you guys believe that Forrest hid the treasure before 2009-2010. Didn’t the FBI supposedly see the chest in his house around 2009-2010?

phil​The chest can’t be anywhere too hot or the wax on the jar would melt, besides river bottoms, where else could work?

Clayton Watson​Phil, micro crystalline wax has a melting point of 145-200 degrees depending on type.

Andrew West​AGK Shelley, you always skip my comments 😡

phil​@Clayton Watson roger that

Jimmy Fast​Hit the super chat button Andrew

David Charles Davio22​AGK Interesting that : Title to the gold IS: 79 on the Periodic table.

Andrew West​Haha jimmy. There is no superchat button. You know that

Clayton Watson​Also @phil, Fenn was more worried about it cracking from the cold so he heated the wax until it was smoking (to get the lowest viscosity) so that it more deeply penetrate the threads on the olive jar.

Paul Ammons​AGK if there is dust how can it be wet?

Cain Holshouser​AGK: What could the blaze be that no person could easily remove, something small or large? Paint? What are your ideas for what the blaze could be?

Alexander Koch​how do you think FF would react in case someone would email him an correct solution to the poem? Do you think he would get cold feet and therefore retreat from the chase to avoid that it is found?

Joey Pero​@AGK what is the strangest “anomaly” have you discovered within TTOTC memoir?

Eric Schmidt​Anyone want to see a picture of the chest in the vault?

Paul McGinty​AGK What type of car/truck did Forest drive around at the time he hid the treasure

Clayton Watson​AGK: Regarding the hide date, wouldn’t you have to take Fenn at his word similar to how you said you have to believe it when he talks about searchers being within 200/500 feet??

jaswinters​yes eric

Heather Guillen​AGK In a podcast interview between FF and Isaac Cole they are referencing to fishing areas in Yellowstone/W.Yellowstone and FF states he hasn’t been “up there since 1950” what do you think about this?

Eric Schmidt​Scrapbook 14 on Neitzel’s site

Eric Schmidt​Just to the left of his right elbow on the shelf

Joey Pero​@AGK haha yes 200-500 feet up or down?!?

Clayton Watson​I meant wouldn’t you have to believe FF buried it in 2009/2010

Joey Pero​@Eric Schmidt thank you for sharing. SB 14 is old news.

Clayton Watson​or “hid” however you want to describe it

Paul Ammons​AGK being that Fenn was a large Outdoorsman and love to fish why is there little talk about the Pecos wilderness in his writings. I lived in Cowles for 6 years.

Jon Koop​😎

jaswinters​Message deleted by Jimmy Fast.View deleted message

David Charles Davio22​AGK: Title to the gold on the Periodic table is 79.

Edward Owen​Thanks Guys…

dpete82​AGK: He mentions that he left typos in the book on purpose during one of the interviews

Cindy Guess​Thanks!!! See ya Thursday!

Joey Pero​^——yes @AGK thank you!

Joel Lewicki​AGK: Thank you!

James Kruse​Thanks guys

Edward Owen​Im heading out again in spring on my 4th…search

David Charles Davio22​Thank you..

Laurie James​TY

Eric Schmidt​TY

Journeyman​Thanks guys

Paul Ammons​👍💫👍

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Man In The Barn​Hello Toby and Shelly

Matt​the suspense, the suspense

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Matt​time zone Bob

Cmonkeyification​Same Fenn time, same Fenn channel

Matt​bwhahaha, the russians did it.

craig foulds​I really enjoyed your “Riddle in Fenn’s Poem” video.

Chad Bird​what’s up guys … looking forward to hear what yeah have to say…. same with us, if you ever see CABvs.Jab videos let us know… maybe check the boys channel out, we will up load tonight… b funny

Mary Green​russians looking for IT too competition ha! ha!

Nikolai Strov​😎👍

Cmonkeyification​Should’ve asked all the kids WWWH.

Eric Schmidt​you’re not old Toby!

David Dow​AGK: Did they have exhibits that show other states?

Steve Gaghagen​AGK hello from thawing Nebraska

B Cross​Greetings from Texas

Seannm Seannm​Hey all

Matt​those kids have a search and find list, so they run around.

Sol Choquette​Message deleted by Jimmy Fast.View deleted message

Nikolai Strov​😂

Mary Green​AGK, exhibits change yr to yr @ most museums

Mary Green​@ Nikolai Strov u in u.s.a.

Sol Choquette​view the canyon down and the blaze @highasthesun ig
Sol Choquette was hidden by Jimmy Fast.

Nikolai Strov​Fayettenam NC

B Cross

Mary Green​Fayettenam NC, cool M base

David Dow​I still think he was going to drive to the museum, walk down the street and pay cash for a train ticket to destination unknown.

Cmonkeyification​It’s a long, long walk to get downtown from the museum.

Mary Green​@David Dow​ wow and lugging 42#

RedneckExpress​AGK: Why do you think the car location reported from Preston changed from the original Northern Arizona U location to the Denver Museum?

David Dow​No need show id to catch a taxi. Just a thought.

Mary Green​taxi works

Adam Foddy​Hello Shelley and Toby from the UK

Seannm Seannm​@AGK I believe that the final clue has nothing to do with the location, DMNS. As the mention in OUAW is that the final clue would be where he parked his car….. not the museum in itself.

David Dow​Mary green. Possibly he hid it prior to leaving his car. Possibly even years before.

Nikolai Strov​He could have traveled by horse

Edna Purviance​Hello, From North Eastern Pa., Great Vlog as always! A Steam Engine, Train, runs on Weak signals.

Nikolai Strov​How much time do you consider an afternoon? What is the longest distance you would consider traveling in that time?

Cmonkeyification​Depends on the terrain and incline.

Edward Owen​Similar question as last time: What is the highest elevation incline would FF been able to do 2 times? 10,20,30? Thanks

Coleen DeBaldo​agc do you think he may do this if he was on his death bed

Dan Kirk​[message retracted]

11B 2P Treasure finder​Hi Shelley hi Toby

Bryan Schultz​can you start over?

Rick Plank​AGK: Do you still think that he hid the treasure in 2003?

Jay Ell​AGK-What’s the room in the museum for the CO clues?

Nikolai Strov​I believe the way was simple at the time he hid Indulgence.. I do not believe the way there is as assessable as it was when he hid it.. it can not be simplified

Dan Kirk​[message retracted]

Mary Green​@David Dow hmmm maybe

Chris Bischof​AGK – So what’s the approximate travel time (by car) from Denver Museum to the majority of your NM targets?

Matt​what kind of map would you recommend to use in searching

Z Brewmeister​Aquamarine is the gem

phillyat1​what do you think of a search around Tarryall,Co.?as it used to be called TARRYGRABALL!TO TOBY YOUNIS,FROM PHYLLIS Allen

Joey Pero​I read a book about musical note groupings. In other words- a different way of mentally and physically interpreting linear bar lines. Do you think a different process of reading he poem may help?

Chris Bischof​Steve Brancato

Cowlazars​hi guys just turned this on!!! Stop doing it during myu lunch hour lol!!

Nikolai Strov​😂😆

Steven Merillat​recent subscriber, love it and your doing a great job!!!

Laurie James​Aquamarine is the state gem found on Antero Mountain!

Seannm Seannm​@AGK thank you for the answer

Cowlazars​Are you still hiding coins? Was the last one found?

11B 2P Treasure finder​Was wondering if I could talk with Toby on messenger or something like that ? If so need your contact info.

Martin Katz​Topic update please. Why are you “crossing Colorado off your list”? Has nothing changed or is there new data that further confirmed your previous conclusion?

Steven Merillat​AGK… Could home of Brown be home of Anasazi?

Z Brewmeister​AGK: Where could Forrest throw his body on the treasure that he wouldn’t have to worry about all the animals (NM video) disturbing the body?

Seannm Seannm​@AGK what is your interpretation of the word riches. ? Thank you

Edna Purviance​Denver Museum, Two American Indian Paintings, Indian’s facing Opposite directions, may be important. Check Fenn website Santa Fe Trading Co.

Mary Green​@Z Brewmeister, JMO no where

Bjchamblee​Hey Guys, running late.

Laurie James​but he said he was 79 or 80 when he hid it ….

David Dow​AGK: could hiding it in 2003 have been his test run?

Martin Katz​AGK – Topic Update Please. Why are you “crossing Colorado off your list”? Has nothing changed or is there new data that further confirmed your previous conclusion?

Steven Merillat​There are BLM/Tapo maps online.

Steve Klein​Damn I’m late

Laurie James​AGK. so he hid the chest before he wrote the book and finalized the poem?

Matt​oldest exhibit, could be dino bones or older, lile gold and gems or longest time on site, very Fenny response.

Eric Schmidt​Laurie James – he published the poem in 2010, but started writing it in 1988

Joey Pero​@agk I read a book about musical note groupings. It basically explains how to interpret linear phrases in music. Do you think this is some value in “rephrasing” the poem?

Urban Tiant​Do you feel like it’s in the Cimarron area?

Rick Plank​@AGK: Do you think HOB might have anything to do with the Philmont Scout Ranch?

James Kruse​Hey guys

Edna Purviance​I believe treasure is also in New Mexico. Eric Sloane may be important to treasure location.

phillyat1​why are u so fixated on NM and what was just one hint that formed your opinion,Thanks

Joey Pero​Thank you!

Cowlazars​What do you think of Glacier National Park as WWWH?

Z Brewmeister​ancient ones or Richard Witherall’s nickname

Steve Klein​AGK is the san juan river your warm waters halt

Seannm Seannm​@AGK thank you for the response on the word riches. Keep up the great work.

William Zimmerman​has anyone asked fenn if people from his past who have passed away would be able to find the treasure? for example his father or sloane?

11B 2P Treasure finder​AGK do you think line 6 refers to direction. And line 7 refers to distance ? You need both to find your next point in land NAV Toby knows that.

Nikolai Strov​Lead the way

Z Brewmeister​Nana was 80 years old when he was ambushing the US forces all over the SW.

Matt​Toby perhaps a video series of each of the catch words ricjes, bold warm, etc could be a lengthy topic of ideas .

Edna Purviance​Gardiner or another spelling of the word; Gardner, is related to Robert Redford, Lillian Gish, Amelia Earhart, Jimmy Doolittle, George Burns, Amos and Andy, others..all mentioned by Fenn.

David Dow​AGK: could it have been in a trip whenForrest’s father was 79 or 80? When he discovered his location. Two men can keep a secret….

Laurie James​thanks!

DAVID S​Cowlazers…. what do u think of Kyle Sandau’s revelations…

Nikolai Strov​[message retracted]

Cowlazars​David makes no sense to me at all.

DAVID S​I’m def not saying he’s right but some of the stuff was telling

Laurie James​or if enough time has passed that the book and poem are long gone ….

HoneyB100​Is it true Fenn said the treasure was close enough to Home Of Brown to walk too?

Bjchamblee​What do you think of his statement “I could go right straight to it”? Fenn speak?

Seannm Seannm​@AGK what is your thoughts on Forrest’s mention that some may have solved the first four clues but he is not certain. Thank you

Mary Green​AGK is the poem in the chest

Bryan Schultz​AGK: Have you found 2 really good clues in TTOTC that supports your solution of the poem?

Cheyena Dowler​AGK

Nikolai Strov​😂

Belva Jenkins​Why have you eliminated mtns east of the Rio Grand?

Belva Jenkins​I meant to say west

Cheyena Dowler​If your solves dont work out in New Mexico, where will you look next?

Laurie James​ah ha!

gallant171​Fenn said, the first and second clue can be found on a map by a girl in India, How would you define the first clue in relation to a place that can be FOUND on a map?


Jason Hilgerson​AGk hello 👋

OnTheGrind Acting​how do you know its still even out there?

Journeyman​AGK Any thing new on the accidental clue @ Denver or anywhere else?

Urban Tiant​Fenn poured the ashes of a close friend out his plane window. Could she be the two people can keep a secret if one is dead?

Cheyena Dowler​AGK Do you think an older map might name something in terms of where warm waters halt outside of new Mexico?

Jason Hilgerson​AGk what kind of Lateran was that he showed on the nightline interview

Laurie James​fishing regulations won’t last a 100 years or a 1000 …

AJ 21​What aspect of native culture connect to the poem ? And should we listen to fenn when he says to “simplify”?

Nikolai Strov​[message retracted]

David Dow​AGK: Toby, fo you know where the best place to find an old map? Say 50’s or 60’s era, possibly 70’s.

Jimmy Corn​Didnt he say” if i told you where home of brown is youd walk right to it”

Steve Klein​Laurie James I agree about the fishing regulations not lasting 100 years plus

sim8213​AGK I’ve recently read the book, totc, I don’t believe there is a mention relating to NM. Thought?

scott adams​below the home of brown, has to be shallow becausee of the saying there will be no paddle up your creek.

James Kruse​If NM comes off the table for some reason, do you have a 2nd area of interest?

Steve Klein​AGK me and Laurie won’t to know if new mexico fishing regulations will last 100 plus years?

Cmonkeyification​Jimmy Corn, yup he said that.

Nikolai Strov​[message retracted]

11B 2P Treasure finder​AGK so WWWH has s clue #1 then direction + distance then HOB be clue number 2 ? I don’t think direction and distance are actual clues just implied directions. They are different I believe

Jason Hilgerson​Cowlasers -good to see you again . Really enjoy your show

HoneyB100​I don’t think a girl in India would be aware of fishing regulations in NM. I think Fenn was saying it would be obvious to anyone just seeing the map. Probably names on the map.

11B 2P Treasure finder​I meant is clue #1

Man In The Barn​Honey is spot on

Nikolai Strov​[message retracted]

An Average Person​AGK – knowing that FF likes “word meanings”, any thought of calling the chest Indulgence?

Cmonkeyification​HoneyB100 Forrest has said Toponymy won’t help you.

Nikolai Strov​[message retracted]

RedneckExpress​Drunk guy searching for keys under street light, cop comes by and asks is this where he lost them?, DG says no, lost them in park.. cops asks why you searchin here? DG: cuz this is where light is

Cmonkeyification​Famous Steakhouse is on Tejon St.

Janet Land​why is the word cloves circled in the new book?

Inna Yarm.​[message retracted]

HoneyB100​Toponymy is the study of names. I’m not saying the names have to be studied. Places have names and we’re following places on a map to find the treasure.

RedneckExpress​Inna Yarm – didn’t you ask this same question during last weeks show???

Cheyena Dowler​AGK Why do you think he says “worth the cold” do you think you have to get into water at some point?

scott adams​couldn’t the home of brown be the dirt ? theres calcium ,red dirt. ash. and brown?

HoneyB100​For example Cowlazer’s idea about Glacier Park is an example of a clue for WWWH that a girl in India might understand without studying the name.

Eric Schmidt​AGK: you guys are going into overtime today! Thank you!

sim8213​AGK. Ty

Matt​could tell Toby really felt some of his answers.

Laurie James​Merci!

Seannm Seannm​@AGK great marathon session.


Zero Days Life​Thanks! Good info and ideas.

jeepgirljody​Nice job guys!

Inna Yarm.​[message retracted]

Nikolai Strov​See you next time, be safe everyone! 🙏

RedneckExpress​Thanks AGK!!

DAVID S​Did everyone see the photo with Forest Fenn and the chest on a shelf and the golden frog hanging on the wall?

Eric Schmidt​I did David S

Bjchamblee​thanks guys.


Denver Museum of Nature and Science, January, 2018

See more about our recon to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science on our live stream, 1pm MST, Tuesday, January 23. Q&A to follow presentation. Join us!

Au Revoir Forrest! The Fenn Nightline Episode – Live Stream with Q&A

Live Stream Chat

A Gypsy’s Kiss ​Program starts at 1 pm MST

Man In The Barn ​Hello Toby and Shelly

Jimmy Fast ​Thank you for posting the nightline show
Toa Lime was timed out by Jimmy Fast for 300 seconds.

Toa Lime was hidden by Jimmy Fast.

Edward Owen​ Thanks for telling us Night line was doing the Forrest Fenn Interview…Looking good for 69..

Kyle Lambert ​Happy birthday toby! have fun in denver, wish I could meet you guys but I’m in the springs and doubt you guys will make it this direction

Cindy Guess​ Happy Birthday, Toby!

Eric Schmidt ​I can’t hear you Shelley

Chad Bird ​what’s up buddies, did anyone ever check out Salida more… we went skiing in red river (it looked promising, but haven’t researched it at all yet). we drove into toas to check out a movie… RR maybe

Cindy Guess​ Volume seems really low today. Better go get my hearing aids.

Edward Owen ​Volume seems normal

David Graham ​I thought that the Gorman guy found it.

Eric Schmidt​maybe its on my end..

Inna Yarm.​Hi Toby and Shelly. Thank you for promoting healthy life style/hiking. Will Forrest visit the treasure site again? how often he already visited the site?

David Graham​ Volume is low

Allen K
Thanks for being awesome, and have fun in Denver!

Eric Schmidt ​Inna – Forrest has claimed he has not gone back to the site

Eric Schmidt​ So … we shouldn’t believe anything in TFTW?

Josh Walley​ AGK

lolz Aa​ Message deleted by Jimmy Fast.View deleted message

Jimmy Fast ​No notifications

Edward Owen ​i got notifacation
lolz A a was hidden by Jimmy Fast.

Eric Schmidt​ no notification

Chad Bird​ they gotta click the little bell to get notified! remind everyone to sub and hit the bell too!

Tl Mattes​ yeah, way better

Jimmy Fast​ Volume is great now

Eric Schmidt ​Much better!!

Drew ​Forrest said to read the blogs for entertainment, and the poem like you were going to put an X on a map- any coincidence the only letter missing from the poem is an X ?

Chad Bird ​happy bday btw! second thought, why is Del always way out in an area that is dangerous?

Josh Walley​ AGK: hey guys love the show. Are there any references by Fenn of using GPS when hiding or after hiding the treasure?

Man In The Barn​ Do you think when FF said where you find my bones you will find the treasure. Do you think he meant his bones that he dug up at the pueblo and hiding from the feds?

Jimmy Fast ​I didn’t have my bell on

steve remple​ AGK. You two make a great team, love watching. Personally how reliable do you think the blogs are out there. Seems to me a lot of fluff. Unrealistic opinions and some nonsense. How do you separate?

Chad Bird​agree!

Edward Owen ​I know this has been asked before but do you think Forrest would have been able to take a hike 2 times with treasure about 3/4 mile with 30 degree the age he said he was when hid it?

Chad Bird ​they only seem to be finding 🐻 terds

Eric Schmidt ​Everyone is inexperienced until they find the treasure!! 😃

Inna Yarm. one more question 😃 : does Fenn’s idea got some form of patent? can it be implemented in other countries?

Jaswinters ​AGK just got on here so you might of talked about it already .. It almost seems in his last clue statement on nightline.. simplify the poem its like something obvious none of us is seeing in the poem?

Jaswinters ​AGK………What about the fancy font like the “J’s” look like F’s in the poem –your feedback?

Tl Mattes ​I love this Vlog. I don’t comment much but I’m always nodding my head in agreement. It’s unnerving sometimes. Get out of my head Toby! Seriously, Happy Birthday

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steve remple​ AGK Do you you think it’s possible F clue of 200′ is in elevation? He wouldn’t be misleading a searcher if they were 500′ away but 200′ in elevation. What do you think??

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James Prival​ James Prival​ Toby do you know anything about project Stargate, which operated on the findings of SRI (Stanford Research Institute)with remote viewing.Can this tool be used to help find the treasure?

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Jaswinters​ my impression of watching him in the interview .he is going to stop spotlighting this hunt because he feels not to blame for the deaths but just feels sad it happened and never expected that to happen

Edward Owen​ Toby Shelly, how do you treat treasure if found it, You dealing with “Park ranger” Land Management the Government, without this becoming a legal nightmare, that might take years, decades?

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Spurious Effect​ Edward Owen. It is illegal to remove anything from Federal Land.

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Jimmy Fast​ @ spurious effect …But tarry scant with marvel gaze just take the chest and go in peace

Spurious Effect​ Edward Owen Forrest said that he won’t tell anyone where you found it if you don’t. So it could, and most likely is, on federal land.


Spurious Effect​ It has to be somewhere that will not be disturbed. The only place like that are Government owned Parks and Wilderness areas.

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“It’s in the mountains somewhere north of Santa Fe.” – Forrest Fenn, “The Thrill of the Chase,” 2010


We have often said that we take anything Fenn has said after December 31, 2012 as tactical offensive counterintelligence. Technically, that leaves us only the fundamentals with which to work: the contents of “The Thrill of the Chase,” and anything we learn about Fenn before that date.

In “The Thrill of the Chase,” referring to where he hid the treasure, Fenn writes:

“It’s in the mountains somewhere north of Santa Fe.”

Here’s a hypothetical for you to consider.

Let’s say your best friend in Santa Fe called to chat. You discuss a number of things, and one of them was that he was going camping, and doing a little trout fishing, the coming weekend.

When you ask him where he was going, he says, “In the mountains North of Santa Fe.” You tell him you wished you were going with him, and eventually, you end the call.

The following week, you receive a call from your best friend’s spouse. She tells you that he hadn’t yet returned from his weekend outing, and that emergency responders were about to begin a search for him.

She tells you she needs your help, then she asks whether or not he had mentioned to you where he was going camping.

You respond by saying, “He told me he was headed into the mountains somewhere North of Santa Fe.”

She thanks you, and before she ends the call, you hear her shout to the emergency responders who are about to depart, “Look for him in Colorado, Wyoming or Montana!”

Yeah. Crazy, huh?


Forrest Fenn, ABC Nightline, “Deadly Treasure” | 01.12.18

Nightline Segment Teaser:

Nightline Segment Article, with video: