The Riddle in Fenn’s Poem – Live Stream with Q&A

Shelley and Toby discuss the way in which you can use the riddle in Fenn’s Poem to help you develop your solution with confidence. You can review the chat from the live stream below the video.

Here’s a link to download the research paper we used to prepare this episode: Write a Riddle

Chat from the Live Stream

A Gypsy’s Kiss​Hello and welcome! Happy New Year! Thanks for joining us today. To address us, please use AGK: at the beginning of your questions.

Man In The Barn​Hey Toby and Shelly, MOD is here

Matt Hawrysko​Hello from Ohio!

Adam Foddy​Hi Shelley and Toby. I missed you guys! 🙂

Joel Lewicki​AGK: Happy New Year!

AJ 21​Happy New year!


Edward Owen​Happy New Year

Steve Gaghagen​hi Shelley and Toby happy New Year

Steve Gaghagen​thanks guys (moderators)

Will William​Hi Toby and Shelley ! Happy new year

Edward Owen​When will FF NightLine Interview be? Do you think Forrest will talk about Treasure in that interview?

Mary Green​AGK will you do video of inside the museum

Eric Schmidt​Happy New Years!

Eric Schmidt​Mary Green – I sure hope they do!

B Cross​AGK: Greetings and Happy New Year

Andrew West​First time catching one of these live. Keep up the good work

Ron Leak​What is significance of the ‘keyword’ of the poem what did FF say about it?

Mary Green​AKG Ron Leak,​says What is significance of the ‘keyword’ of the poem what did FF say about it?

Mary Green​Ron Leak didnt want AGK to miss your Q

Mary Green​AGK this is one of your best vlogs, so interesting my brain is blowing up with ideas

Steve Gaghagen​agk your depth into the treasure is unmatched. have you ever thought about going on other treasure hunts like the lost mine in the guadolupe mountains

Edward Owen​Shelly could you repeat the Different writing tools/ideas you mentioned earlier. Thanks

Clayton Watson​Hello Toby and Shelley!

Bjchamblee​Good work guys! Happy 18¡

Ronald Conley​AGK: As I have gone in there this past season and intend to go again in spring, I repeat, do you think the sun ever shines on the treasure?

Joel Lewicki​AGK: Have you had a chance to look at the “end of the rainbow” in the first edition of the book “Flywater”? If so, any thoughts?

Ramblin Pam​Happy New Year Toby and Shelley. Always enjoy your videos.

Jimmy Fast​AGK Is the Denver museum where Shilo said ” you really should see what’s in the basement”? and then Forrest quickly changed the subject🤔

Eric Schmidt​AGK: As a follow up to Jimmy Fast’s question… what are your thoughts about Dr. HM Wormington?

Allen Grosh​this is so intriguing to me, just found out about the poem and treasure a few days ago, and I’ve been binge watching your vids!! you guys both have lovely voices to listen to.

Ron Leak​Thank you Mary Green

Allen Grosh​​f has said that a child may have an advantage in solving the poem. Do you think you may be reading too much into it? In my opinion the initial WWWM is the most important clue, and the most vague.

Andrew West​AGK, have you guys explored the Colorado National Monument area?

Kyle Lambert​agk have you guys seen the last email I sent you a while back with the imagery from the poem on a map?

Timothy Alkire​AGK, TOBY & SHELLY HOW Do you test your key word?

steve remple​AGK, you have discussed the poem and clues relating to having longevity. Do think it’s possible that they do not have the shelf we believe they do. Hence the treasure being there 1000 years from now.

kevnston​Hello from Richmond Virginia

Eric Schmidt​Dr. HM Wormington’s research on the Folsom points is what put the Denver Museum on the map.

Allen Grosh​thank you for responding!

Eric Schmidt​😃

Andrew West​AGK, you skipped my question Shelley. Have you guys considered the Colorado National Monument?

Richard Hunter​Fenn didn’t say “keyword.”

Timothy Alkire​AGK SHELLEY, YOU are correct. ff said that imagination will be what finds the TC.

Andrew West​AGK, where can you plug in a keyword as a cipher to the poem?

Mary Green​a word that is key, wonder what the word thats key points to any ideas

home on the range​”marvel gaze” and “worth the cold” sill baffle me.

merwin horner​does any one know where ff have his chemo.

Clayton Watson​Mary Green, I am only offering speculation but in my solve it is the hint that narrows down the many WWWH to the one you need to use.

Mary Green​home on the range, me too

Kyle Lambert​home on the range, those come after hear me all and listen good. could it mean sounds similar? maybe Buena Vista, and mount sneffles region?

Jim Little​word that is key is ringboe

Mary Green​Clayton Watson wow have you checked that out

Steve Gaghagen​thank you guys great work as always. see you next week. cold here in Nebraska

Edward Owen​Thanks for a great year I went 3 times

David Charles Davio22​I have found the key word. it varifies you have the solve to poem

Andrew West​Congrats David

David Charles Davio22​Page 15 is something that needs to talk about IT is THE BOLD.

Mary Green​see you next week thanks

David Charles Davio22​I found the BLAZE
David Charles Davio22 was timed out by Jimmy Fast for 300 seconds.

Might and Marvel​when is the nightline interview…?


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  1. I attended the live stream. It was cool. I posted it on thor site just after it was completed earlier today. I have put the link below. I did get a question that just popped up about me bringing questions from this community f users who cant attend. I don’t know. Part of me thinks more should attend themselves, but happy to say yes and bring questions. Wanted to get your thoughts before I answer, or OK if you prefer not to weigh in 😊 .

    Also, it is a pubic post in case you don’t like links – it is on the main ff forum named “Test your solve or get philosophical “

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    • Like you, we would prefer they attended themselves. But, we don’t have a problem with one person bringing questions from others, as long as that person filters them to ensure they’re rational. One last thing: there is a filter, that requires you to wait 60 seconds between comments or questions. Thank you for joining us today, We look forward to seeing you again soon.

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