What if Fenn Had Died a Month After Releasing TTotC?

My apologies if the title is offensive to anyone, especially Fenn. It is purely hypothetical, and my wish for Fenn is that he lives a long and fruitful life filled with family and friends.

But, in a conversation with another searcher today, as the searcher presented some of the assumptions they were making about their solution, I asked them to consider the following:

“What if Forrest Fenn had died a month after releasing his book, ‘The Thrill of the Chase’?”

It stopped them for just a moment. So I continued.

“‘Too Far to Walk’ and ‘Once Upon a While’ would not have been published. The videos recorded at Collected Works and Moby Dickens would have not been recorded. We wouldn’t have the myriad of video-recorded and/or written and published ‘Forrest Fenn Interviews’. There would be no Benchmark Map of the four Rocky Mountain treasure states. No scrapbooks. No Dal interview videos. No Fennborees at which Fenn was in attendance.”

No nothing.

Except “The Thrill of the Chase,” the poem, the description (and photo) of the treasure – and the promise of a great adventure.

Fenn, certainly, had to consider the possibility.

So, think about it for a second. What if Fenn…

Edit: Well, who knew this was that interesting a topic? We didn’t. But indications are that it’s worth a discussion. So, we’re going to delay the presentation of our English 201 analysis of the poem a week. This week we’ll use our weekly live stream to discuss the above topic, followed by open Q&A. 1pm MST, Tuesday, January 9, 2018. You must have a YouTube account to ask questions. Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/c/agypsyskiss/live

6 thoughts on “What if Fenn Had Died a Month After Releasing TTotC?

  1. Omitting the ‘extra’ beyond The Thrill of the Chase with the poem, would eliminate other things like, guessing who he is and seeing things from his point of view, etc. After all he began with one memoir which included a poem and stated that his autobiography is sealed in a jar in the bronze box. What more do we need? I think we just need to go back to the book and poem and let Fenn’s autobiography speak for itself as to who he is. I prefer the idea of auto – biography because it is the person himself speaking and not someone else trying to figure out someone else’s life and the hows and whys. Just concentrate on the poem and one’s personal solution structured from the poem words and the writings in the 1st memoir. Clarity! Simplicity! I believe Fenn can speak for himself much better than anyone else – just like I can speak for myself better than anyone else can.

  2. Makes you wonder if the Chase was something he only intended for his family and a few close friends.

  3. Well, I wouldn’t have heard of the Chase is my first guess. TTOTC would be a rare book, at least for a while until it was reissued. Dal’s site would be very different also. I think the Chase would have resssed into folk lore.

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