What if Forrest Fenn had died on November 25, 2010? Live Stream with Q&A

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Man In The Barn​Hello Toby and Shelley

A J Rainville​Might want to turn on the super chat button (or i just don’t see it)

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A J Rainville​My bad

jaswinters​i never would of saw the beautiful new mexico and all its treasures.. hint hint.. lol

Joey Pero​Hey guys! Thank you for giving so much to the thrill of the chase!

jaswinters​AGK Did orginally forrest say it was only in north of Santa fe and not mentioned anything of the rocky mountains?

Matt​hello AGK, came in 20 minutes late. did you cover if Fenn had the book written, to be published like salingers books in a vault?

Joey Pero​Bring your winter wear!

James Jones​No

Sevenblade​AGK: Even though your solve is in New Mexico, are you guys still going to do “some” searching when you go to Denver?

Joey Pero​Exactly Toby!

Jimmy Fast​entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem, which translates to: entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity.

Sevenblade​Wow, really weird… just searched the Latin phrase… I strangely found out about Ockham last week in a tv show… I somehow spoke to me so I googled it back then.

Man In The Barn​I think the book and the Poem will get you to the exact location. I highly doubt it would have “taken off” like it has.

Man In The Barn​But I disagree with your thoughts on TFTW. While we would not ahem the book the scrapbooks were on OldSantaFeTrading Co.com which I also think provide the “real” treasure map

Man In The Barn​Was the website up at that time?

James Kruse​Late but here:)

Amy Comeaux​AGK : I have a bit of a strange maybe silly question, but because of Fenn’s love of Indiana Jones, do you think he may have booby trapped the chest in any way?

Man In The Barn​AGK: Do you think when Forrest said when you find my bones where you find the tresure he meant his bones he dug up as the Publo and hid from the Fed’s?

Amy Comeaux​Thanks, love u guys, keep up the good work

jaswinters​Thats why i think its not in a state with Grizzlies around

Edna Purviance​TTOTC and the poem is all you need, but you need to analyze what he talks about in TTOTC. He says no special knowledge. He is not telling us all of the truth! Observation is very important.

Sevenblade​Massive lag, though. Besides, Youtube did do an anouncement that ‘notifications were being delayed’ on their TeamYoutube Twitter handle.

Edna Purviance​Great Vlog today!