“It’s in the mountains somewhere north of Santa Fe.” – Forrest Fenn, “The Thrill of the Chase,” 2010


We have often said that we take anything Fenn has said after December 31, 2012 as tactical offensive counterintelligence. Technically, that leaves us only the fundamentals with which to work: the contents of “The Thrill of the Chase,” and anything we learn about Fenn before that date.

In “The Thrill of the Chase,” referring to where he hid the treasure, Fenn writes:

“It’s in the mountains somewhere north of Santa Fe.”

Here’s a hypothetical for you to consider.

Let’s say your best friend in Santa Fe called to chat. You discuss a number of things, and one of them was that he was going camping, and doing a little trout fishing, the coming weekend.

When you ask him where he was going, he says, “In the mountains North of Santa Fe.” You tell him you wished you were going with him, and eventually, you end the call.

The following week, you receive a call from your best friend’s spouse. She tells you that he hadn’t yet returned from his weekend outing, and that emergency responders were about to begin a search for him.

She tells you she needs your help, then she asks whether or not he had mentioned to you where he was going camping.

You respond by saying, “He told me he was headed into the mountains somewhere North of Santa Fe.”

She thanks you, and before she ends the call, you hear her shout to the emergency responders who are about to depart, “Look for him in Colorado, Wyoming or Montana!”

Yeah. Crazy, huh?


15 thoughts on ““It’s in the mountains somewhere north of Santa Fe.” – Forrest Fenn, “The Thrill of the Chase,” 2010

  1. Excellent analysis, except for one point, your friend was going fishing, not hiding a million dollar treasure & publishing a game book about it.

  2. Have you considered the counter intelligence being. It could be a location that is mentioned on the map in the mountains, but is not necessarily located in the mountains? for example Colorado Street vs. Colorado State? ? The map does not state it is in the mountains but actually says ” the treasure is to be found somewhere within the highlighted region of the Rocky Mountains on this map”

  3. Did you catch on NBC Nightline when Fenn said, “I didn’t anticipate people would die searching for my treasure, but in the back of my mind it had to be logical that could happen…the GRIZZLY BEARS alone are something to think about.”

    Video: https://youtu.be/_MV7CQPC53M

    In North America, grizzly bears are found in western Canada, Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and a small population in Washington.

    • Two things: The video is on our YouTube Channel, so, not only have I seen it, I recorded, edited and uploaded it. And, I have maps of grizzly bear habitat, but…read my article again. You missed a couple of points.

      • Sorry I looked for the video on your YouTube channel earlier, but the video wasn’t playing.

        I see it now.

      • Also, I wanted to quickly say that YOU are the only reason I even knew about the NBC Nightline episode so I wasn’t trying to imply you hadn’t seen (or edited) the video. I was just flagging the Grizzly Bear comment because it’s one of the few things that stood out to me. It may not mean anything…

        And to your point, if I only had TTOC and it was pre-December 2012, I’d be searching in New Mexico with you!

        AGK is my favorite go-to for all things Fenn-related 🙂

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