Au Revoir Forrest! The Fenn Nightline Episode – Live Stream with Q&A

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A Gypsy’s Kiss ​Program starts at 1 pm MST

Man In The Barn ​Hello Toby and Shelly

Jimmy Fast ​Thank you for posting the nightline show
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Edward Owen​ Thanks for telling us Night line was doing the Forrest Fenn Interview…Looking good for 69..

Kyle Lambert ​Happy birthday toby! have fun in denver, wish I could meet you guys but I’m in the springs and doubt you guys will make it this direction

Cindy Guess​ Happy Birthday, Toby!

Eric Schmidt ​I can’t hear you Shelley

Chad Bird ​what’s up buddies, did anyone ever check out Salida more… we went skiing in red river (it looked promising, but haven’t researched it at all yet). we drove into toas to check out a movie… RR maybe

Cindy Guess​ Volume seems really low today. Better go get my hearing aids.

Edward Owen ​Volume seems normal

David Graham ​I thought that the Gorman guy found it.

Eric Schmidt​maybe its on my end..

Inna Yarm.​Hi Toby and Shelly. Thank you for promoting healthy life style/hiking. Will Forrest visit the treasure site again? how often he already visited the site?

David Graham​ Volume is low

Allen K
Thanks for being awesome, and have fun in Denver!

Eric Schmidt ​Inna – Forrest has claimed he has not gone back to the site

Eric Schmidt​ So … we shouldn’t believe anything in TFTW?

Josh Walley​ AGK

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Edward Owen ​i got notifacation
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Tl Mattes​ yeah, way better

Jimmy Fast​ Volume is great now

Eric Schmidt ​Much better!!

Drew ​Forrest said to read the blogs for entertainment, and the poem like you were going to put an X on a map- any coincidence the only letter missing from the poem is an X ?

Chad Bird ​happy bday btw! second thought, why is Del always way out in an area that is dangerous?

Josh Walley​ AGK: hey guys love the show. Are there any references by Fenn of using GPS when hiding or after hiding the treasure?

Man In The Barn​ Do you think when FF said where you find my bones you will find the treasure. Do you think he meant his bones that he dug up at the pueblo and hiding from the feds?

Jimmy Fast ​I didn’t have my bell on

steve remple​ AGK. You two make a great team, love watching. Personally how reliable do you think the blogs are out there. Seems to me a lot of fluff. Unrealistic opinions and some nonsense. How do you separate?

Chad Bird​agree!

Edward Owen ​I know this has been asked before but do you think Forrest would have been able to take a hike 2 times with treasure about 3/4 mile with 30 degree the age he said he was when hid it?

Chad Bird ​they only seem to be finding 🐻 terds

Eric Schmidt ​Everyone is inexperienced until they find the treasure!! 😃

Inna Yarm. one more question 😃 : does Fenn’s idea got some form of patent? can it be implemented in other countries?

Jaswinters ​AGK just got on here so you might of talked about it already .. It almost seems in his last clue statement on nightline.. simplify the poem its like something obvious none of us is seeing in the poem?

Jaswinters ​AGK………What about the fancy font like the “J’s” look like F’s in the poem –your feedback?

Tl Mattes ​I love this Vlog. I don’t comment much but I’m always nodding my head in agreement. It’s unnerving sometimes. Get out of my head Toby! Seriously, Happy Birthday

Kyle Lambert ​I recall reading somewhere that fenn was sort of a rule breaker, I havent got his book yet, but would you guys say that jives with the fenn you’ve met?

steve remple​ AGK Do you you think it’s possible F clue of 200′ is in elevation? He wouldn’t be misleading a searcher if they were 500′ away but 200′ in elevation. What do you think??

Wayne Peterson​ hello everyone

James Prival ​[message retracted]

James Prival​ James Prival​ Toby do you know anything about project Stargate, which operated on the findings of SRI (Stanford Research Institute)with remote viewing.Can this tool be used to help find the treasure?

Chad Bird ​where do warm waters halt in RR? if you don’t mind sharing? if you do no sweat

Nikolai Strov​ When do we simplify?

Jaswinters​ my impression of watching him in the interview .he is going to stop spotlighting this hunt because he feels not to blame for the deaths but just feels sad it happened and never expected that to happen

Edward Owen​ Toby Shelly, how do you treat treasure if found it, You dealing with “Park ranger” Land Management the Government, without this becoming a legal nightmare, that might take years, decades?

Nikolai Strov ​Happy, happy birthday Toby annnd mannny morrre! 🎂🍰🥛😎🎉

Jaswinters​ AGK Why do you think he never included more of New Mexico?

Nikolai Strov ​Aren’t we all searching for this treasure?? All of us have been within 200ft

Spurious Effect​ Edward Owen. It is illegal to remove anything from Federal Land.

Edward Owen ​Then there are NOT many places you can hide this?

Nikolai Strov​ Only one!

Jimmy Fast​ @ spurious effect …But tarry scant with marvel gaze just take the chest and go in peace

Spurious Effect​ Edward Owen Forrest said that he won’t tell anyone where you found it if you don’t. So it could, and most likely is, on federal land.


Spurious Effect​ It has to be somewhere that will not be disturbed. The only place like that are Government owned Parks and Wilderness areas.

Nikolai Strov ​I will give it to someone who has never heard of FF and then I will disappear

Edward Owen​ Spurious Effect Thanks…

Chad Bird ​gotcha, thx keep it up!

Nikolai Strov ​Happy Birthday Toby! God bless you both! 🙏

steve remple ​good luck in Denver you two.

Jimmy Fast​ Turn the bell on!!!

Edward Owen ​Thanks

Wayne Peterson​ thanks

Eric Schmidt ​tHANKS GUYS!

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Chad Bird ​peace out

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  1. Best wishes Toby, hope you and Shelly are having a great trip to Colorado. Fenn has definitely got An attachment to the museum ,maybe he’s arranging to have his life long collections displayed There after he passes ? Take a look at scrapbook 14, Fenn and Donna Karen in his vault in the pic you can see the treasure chest to the left, and on the right wall the gold frog and the two repeater Watches this has been spotted by someone called James. Toby with your camera skills you could probably identity more items from the chest Regards Jackie

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