Forrest Fenn – Six Questions – 2018 | Live Stream + Open Q&A

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A Gypsy’s Kiss?Join us today at 1pm MST!?

Man In The Barn?Hey Toby and? Shelley!


11B 2P Treasure finder?Hi Shelley hi Toby?

Michael Elder?excited to see what? you guys have to say about this!

AJ 21?Hi?

fossilman123?Hi? ALL

Man In The Barn?Very? Normal

David Dow?Hello?

Eric Schmidt?Hello!?

Laurie James?echoing?

Rick Plank?Hello? from Cincinnati

Cmonkeyification?Audio? is good

Scott P?Driving home from Dallas in the? rain. Going to have to catch you guys on the replay. Have a good show.

fossilman123?sounds good here in PHX?

Paul McGinty?Hello?

Clayton Watson?Hello? Hello

Seannm Seannm?Afternoon all?

David Dow?Either with chat on or off, I? can’t find an option for donation by scrolling all the way down.

Treasure Poem?2013?

Crow Dudley?Hello you guys… A newbie here from southern Indiana. Could he have some kind of a GPS device or even geocaching sites close to the treasure?

Michael koen?I also sent him a card telling him where I was going and? what I had found so far

Journeyman?That’s what I? thought when I read it last night.

Steven Merillat?He is to old school for GPS but he is a guy whos made flight plans and knows exactly where he? hid the treasure.

Bill Gorman?guts? have brain cells

Sandy Wolf?ive watched two different searches were people have Found an “F” carved eitber in a tree or stone and these people referred to this as the blaze what? do you think?

Allen K?Hi AGK! Fenn usually says? he hopes the treasure is found in 100-1000-10000 years. Why does his gut now tell him THIS summer?

Clayton Watson?AGK:? His “gut” feeling is a subtle way of saying he has received a signal from a searcher without explicitly acknowledging any particular searcher who has emailed him with correct information. IMO

Michael koen?6 bucks 50 cent and the location of his? fathers grave led me to a rusty pipe 18 inches long

Treasure Poem?Clayton Watson:? I agree

Bill Gorman?an f in a tree is little compared to Fenn with a? fish and two hooks on the top of a cliff face.

David Dow?Sally Wolf, some searchers leave an “f” to mark that they’ve searched? that area.

Clayton Watson?@Treasure? Poem ????

fossilman123?huh ?? koen

Michael koen?hmm??

Michael koen?rusty? pipe in book he slide down and 18 inches is how far he stopped from ground after bail out in nam

fossilman123?why 6.50 and what rusty? pipe

Eric Schmidt?Outside? Miss Ford’s class


Michael koen?6 bucks 50 cents and location? of his father grave=gps

Michael koen?2 borderline biddies is also a? hint

B Cross?Howdy?

Michael koen?will ne back after falcon lift? off

Jeff Treece?Agk do? you know if Forrest fenn ever took Eric Sloan for a ride in his plane?

Bill Gorman?he said after the preacher died he could retrieve it on his? own

Michael koen?that knowledge is important, just knowing a 2 track road is a dirt road but? could also be interped as a rr track

fossilman123?thx koen, 2? biddies?

Maestro?love? you’re show

Joey Pero?@AGK. Greetings from? NYC!

Stephen Johns?AGK Toby and? Shelley when you go out hunting for Forrests treasure chest how long do you devote to an area or spot on average?

Bill Gorman?canyon? down then paddle up creek

Joey Pero?The famous bill Gorman? is here!

Eric Schmidt?Infamous!?

Maestro?what lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters? to what lies within us. RWE May God bless

Dan Kirk?AGK:? Are you two still considering the geologic theory for the home of Brown?

Cindy Guess?AGK: When are you? heading back to search the Cimarron?

Cmonkeyification?AGK: You should start your? own wine club. ??

Maestro?Mr Fenn Thank you for the chase.? Tommy R Burk

Seannm Seannm?@AGK: you have? given us your interpretation of the word few, but what is your interpretation of the word first? Thank you and great job!

Joey Pero?Yay wine!?

Maestro?@AGK: Thank you? Toby and Shelley You guys are super. TRB

David Dow?I was a? grunt. 11B

Eric Schmidt?Thank you!?

Cindy Guess?Have you looked for Jessie Phillips 1894? grave site?

Tl Mattes????

phil?AGK: a few is more than two but not much more than two, (Collected works event?)?

Joey Pero?@AGK hello from? NYC!

Steven Merillat?you git my last name right YAY?

Michael koen?2 biddies is in? the book

Laurie James?blaze on a tree not? unique.

Bill Gorman?AGK Forrest said after the preacher died that he could retrieve the treasure on his own.? Also he sad he can”t imagion anbody being within 12 Feet and not finding it. it can be seen from that far

Man In The Barn?I think Bill figuring out the bottle caps is the reason FF is saying? he thinks it will be found. Bill is figuring it out.

Cindy Guess?Forrest has said he hid the treasure when “the country was in a? terrible recession” or “starting a pretty good recession”. Does that conform your 2003 hiding date? or 2010?

Paul Wood?Do u think it is? in a tree

Michael koen?behind a pine tree?

Mike Gregg?you guys are getting? close with your interpretation of the clues that’s probably why he thinks it will be found

Laurie James?AKG. What year did FF? sell his plane?

fossilman123?why do you think? 2 biddies are a clue?

Paul Wood?agk is it in a tree from? Rio rancho nm

Michael koen?2 BORDERLINE BIDDIES, I know it? is

Adam Foddy?Hey guys! Just checking in to say? hello. will watch this later tonight.

Laurie James?I’m? from Salida!

Steven Merillat?AGK PAY PAL? info again please

Michael koen?you have to look around lol?

Adam Foddy

Cowlazars?hi? all

Eric Schmidt?Hey Mike?

Michael koen?there isn’t any way you can get to the treasure before june because of the? high alt snow

AJ 21?Agk do plan on? going to rio costilla area?

Laurie James?Snowing in? Salida!

Michael koen?it’s at 8700 feet?

Bill Gorman?The architect was the brown? beaver

Crow Dudley?What if he used a tracking device similar to what they use in ?finding a lost dog

Michael koen?battery would be dead for tracking?

Paul Ammons?AGK: One location I feel very confident with, to see the blaze I would need to break? a rule…. Thoughts?

fossilman123?why you say that koen? Thanks foe the? tips btw

Paul Wood?cowlazars it’s been? 2weeks no text from fen i am close

David Dow?AGK: what are your thought on “worth the? cold”?

Cowlazars?Paul Wood let me know how the next trip? goes..

Laurie James?oops? missed that?

fossilman123?8700? ft?

Michael koen?I only have 1 lung, my o2 machine crapped out less than 200 feet of where I wanted? to look and severly cut myself and had to retreat in heavy rain

Steven Merillat?8000ft? –

Cowlazars?Brother Bill keep up the good work!?

Laurie James?Thanks on the plane info.?

Steven Merillat?Cow – I hate the? glacier national park solve. TO COLD

Coleen DeBaldo

Coleen DeBaldo?Agk Thanks for? the hard work, good luck Shelly

Bill Gorman?AGK? Do 3 jars of Cloves + mammoth + Clovis Points = Clovis ?

Steven Merillat

Eric Schmidt?AGK: follow up on “worth the cold” question. You find it interesting that Forrest forgot the poem at that point in the Moby Dickens video? The rest of the poem he said? from memory.

Aksarben?your effort will be worth the bronze chest, just like he was? talking about the cold bronze bust of the Indian head. a different way of reading his words
Joey Pero?^________?

Clayton Watson?@Aksarben ???

Aksarben?Hear me all and listen good… Moby dickens he read this line twice. Watch the video and see him do that. I think this line? is really important

The Whole Monti?…. it will be? found this summer

phil?AGK: do you think there is significance to the poem mentioned,? BRAVE and in the wood, with my treasures BOLD, no place for the meek as a motif?

Steven Merillat?Spending Toby’s cash? ??

Joey Pero?@AGK No? place for the meek – no place for biddies ? Thoughts?

David Dow?I was thinking “ in the wood” might mean “on target” like in? playing darts.

The Whole Monti?would you give the treasure away if? you found it with someones solve

Bill Gorman?Moses halts the warm waters? and I found him parting the Rocky Mountains.

Michael koen?I had? 1 bear follow me out 2nd trip

Crow Dudley?AGK. Do? you think he has a tracking device in the treasure box

Joey Pero?Loose lips? sink ships!

Michael koen?lol? haad both

Aksarben?yeah i saw the dates? 1960’s security cameras at his old gallery…. very low tech

The Whole Monti?After email him last year, i emailed him “its a map” a month later? he said “its a map”

Samuel Smith?AGK could the phrase ‘in the wood’ be indicative of the location being within? a National Forest, i.e. pu8blic land?

David Dow?AGK: when you auction off? at Sotheby’s, will they keep you anonymous?

HoneyB100?If you find the TC in a Federal Park that requires you to report it to the Park Director will? you?

Franklin Eavers?I just found out about the Fenn treasure a month ago. Anyway, I’ve read TTOTC and the poem hundreds of times and am waiting for warm weather. Thank you? guys.

Journeyman?Thanks Guys?

The Whole Monti?Thank you, I love a gypsy’s kiss?

Michael koen?It’s on BLM? land

Mary Green?Michael koen?It’s? on BLM land,.. i think that too

David Dow?Another great? show.

fossilman123?Hey Koen i didn’t understand your? answer for the elevation of 8700 ft.

Michael koen?and because of BLM land? it’s not buried

Mary Green?a trick to blm? land though

Paul Ammons?Thanks for your time!?

Michael koen?very simple, that? is the altitude it is

Michael koen?at the? base of the sizzor tail

A Gypsy’s Kiss
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