Forrest Fenn’s Treasure – What Its Like When You’re BOTG!

Shelley and Toby talk about their experiences as they transition from online research to BOTG. Toby has been on 27 recons in the four treasure states. Shelley was with him on all the recons in 2017 in New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming.

Live Chat

Sean Malloy?@Dale Richards? I think that comment was blatant tongue in cheek

Laurie James?have to? leave for appt. Watch later. Thanks for the tips.

Black Water87?ok?

Bill Gorman?At my treasure finding? banquette, Crow will be served!

David Dow?@AGK: Do you think that he could have instructions in the chest how to find a secondary treasure. That one he is watching. Thus, he will know that the? chest has been found.

Jon Polasek?@AGK: Do you know what kind of vehicles Fenn has driven in the past? 10+ years?

Dale Richards?Maybe Sean, or? maybe bike = motorcycle.

Black Water87?helicopter s?

Jimmy Fast?Jeep?

Mark Payne?Hi from? Oklahoma

J C?David Charles what? state is your blaze?

Bill Gorman?Red Riding? Hood was Meek

Timothy Alkire?Jon.? FF has been driving a 4×4 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Joey Pero?AGK I’ve been following the treasure hunt since 13′ or 14′. I’m planning a trip with my dad for our first BOTG (and? a cool vacation).

Black Water87?coolan?

Cindy Guess?AGK:? Have you changed your mind about Rev Tolby?

Paul Ammons

AGK: What is your best knowledge? and solutions of the clue JHLAWH

Paul McGinty?AGK? hahaha

Paul Ammons?Water? table???

phil?AGK: How are you? incorporating traveling through space and circumstance in your solution?

Bill Gorman?A lake and ski lifts?

Dale Richards?@AGK: What geological papers have you read defining “warm water”? or “warm waters”? I read one last week defining all deep lakes and deep rivers as Warm Water and shallow streams & draws as cold water.

kinsol?AGK: Does the Cimarron River? WWWH solution not necessarily involve a dam (Eagle Nest Lake/Dam) as the start beginning of the ‘Warm Waters’ even if it isn’t the location of WWWH? Fenn has said no dam.

Ryan Lowe?@AGK: What led you to move away from the western interior seaway being wwwh and focusing on New Mexico fishing regulations? instead?

Timothy Alkire?AGK. Heavy Loads and water? high also goes into a Cistern. (large storage Tank or Tanks)

MR G?AGK-What do you think the lines “Your effort will be worth the? cold” and “If you are brave and in the wood” mean?

Seannm Seannm?@MR G: look up? cold cognition.

Dale Richards?@AGK: Have your searches lead you to any locations that you connected? with personally? Maybe a place or places you want to return to, not looking for the treasure?

akash gabriel?Brave nd in? the wood, i give u title to the gold

Jason Kemeny?is the 8.5 miles? north of santa fe something that should be taken as fact?

Timothy Alkire?mr.G.? you have to had found the TC to answer that

Dan Kirk?AGK:? What were your Warm Waters Halt locations when searching in states north of New Mexico?

Eric Schmidt?AGK – nothing? personal, just an observation..

T. Lee Jones?Hello From Baltimore, MD?

Dale Richards?AGK: Why do not look in National Parks or Monuments? Legal problems are likely no matter where he put it. You already said you will take and not tell, so why limit? your search?

Belva Jenkins?Hello? from Chattanooga TN

Bill Gorman?poem covers about 40? miles

Ryan Lowe?@AGK: Do you assume you can find HOB on google earth or just WWWH and canyon down and? HOB must be identified with BOTG?


Eric Schmidt?AGK – I saw that documentary. It was good. Doubt Ron Brown Realty? will be around in 1000 years, but who knows… ??

amy smith?Kids are? very small. 2 and 5.

Bill Gorman?HOB is visible on Google Earth but not labeled.?

Timothy Alkire?Bill Gorman. my solve is exactly 48.6mi start to finish.?

Sean Malloy?Documentary was “Finding The Blaze ( 2018) by Rob Wiltsey – it was? very good

Seannm Seannm?@Jason Kemey, the comment was the treasure is located more that 66,000? links north of Santa Fe, and after some presumed translation it came out to be 8.25 miles. So yes it should be considered fact.

J C?agk why don’t you ask David Charles davio 22 which state he found? it in

Steven Merillat?No Indian? Land ?????

Bill Gorman?Full? time RV’n on the hunt.

Man In The Barn?@Stephen Johns Sorry no I don’t. Check out Cowlazars.? He has vlogs on multiple searches and might be able to point you to one.

amy smith?Agk: maybe we need to answer the question that FF asks in? the poem before we can use the clues….????

Nikolai Strov?Hello fellow Fennlings ???

Bill Gorman?Many Omegas and? many blazes!

Eric Schmidt?Amy – what? question?

Timothy Alkire?Bill G. are you on the? hunt now?

Seannm Seannm?@Eric, the one that ends in a? ? (Wink)

Steven Merillat?Many? Omegas only 1 blaze that counts

Mary Green?agree on HLWH, water? tank

Bill Gorman?I can be in? the Fennzone in 1.5 hours

Eric Schmidt?OHHH? ??

Bill Gorman?I? camp closer in Summer

Crow Dudley?AGK ?hello from southern Indiana… Zero times.

Mary Green?@Nikolai? Strov, hi to you

Seannm Seannm?@Eric & Amy. That question? is a figure of speech called a hypophora.

Virgil Caine is my name?@eric shmidt, we searched that horseshoe, (omega) in the highway there. Found a grave with a wood marker and hole alonside it. I think? It was where somebocy buried a pet.

Steven Merillat?1-3 clues? Google 4-7 research 8-9 boots on the ground

Timothy Alkire?[message retracted]

Nikolai Strov?Nice to see you Mary! Hope you are doing well and enjoying an? early spring ??

Bill Gorman?If you’ve been wise and found the waters high he told you to? look for then you’ve found the first blaze. Then you have many more blazes before you find the blaze. He did not make it easy

kinsol?@Ryan Lowe thanks for asking that, I was meaning to ask? the same question.

Steven Merillat?Toby’s right IMO that all clues must be followed in order and if? you don’t have a HOB don’t leave your house.

David Charles Davio22?AGK.**Seen many searchers, inclueding the Brits. All to date 45,000 miles. Sidelined by a deer on? BLM land* Compass only Dead reconding **Yes when I find it I will Break the Find on your Show. How fun

Bill Gorman?Two Omegas? on the map, u in Mountains

Ryan Lowe?@kinsol No? problem! Do you mean about the western interior seaway or the HOB question?

amy smith?@virgil Caine? ????

kinsol?@Ryan Lowe sorry, yeah? the western interior seaway

Mary Green?”if you don’t have a HOB don’t leave your house.” yep that? fooled me 4x, and prob a 5th this may

Joe Mazzocco?Greetings? from Pueblo guys, Love the show!!

Bill Gorman?Each drawing in the book is of a blaze in the? canyon walls.

Paul Ammons?AGK:? water table??

Steven Merillat?ya bill whats that? 3rd symbol with those 2 omegas

Belva Jenkins?Do rattlesnakes go above 8,000 ft.?

Alexander Koch?AGK – Hi guys. Do you know if Forrest puts any additional effort into keeping his email save from? being hacked?

Ryan Lowe?@kinsol I thought it was a pretty? clever idea from Toby and I like it more so than fishing regulations

Nikolai Strov?I agree with you Bill.. I am just curious if a pin pointer can still pick? up that deep in snow

Joe Mazzocco?no? Belva…… to high for rattlesnakes

Mary Green?@ nick,spring is nice,cant wait? until may, for my only hunt this year

Virgil Caine is my name?@joe mazzocco,? has anyone told the rattlesnakes that?

Belva Jenkins?Thanks Jo, that’s what i thought.?

Seannm Seannm

Forrest has said he hid the treasure before the poem was complete. So what parts of the poem, do you believe, were completed after hiding the chest??

Eric Schmidt?Seannm – he rewrote the poem because his? cancer went into remission

Joe Mazzocco?nobody I know? speaks rattle

kinsol?@Ryan Lowe It was very clever. I grew up in a family of geologists, so it was right up my alley.?

Jimmy Fast?I think he hid the chest first to see if it would be found. When it? wasn’t then he filled it with gold

Seannm Seannm?@AGK, consider the? tense nature of the first line in the poem.

Dale Richards?AGK: In your opinion, how big? does a blaze need to be to make it not feasible to remove?

David Charles Davio22?AGK * I have watch the Book Store vid every2days or so . Do you get anything from his sence of humor.? Then? how that translates to the book.

Nikolai Strov?@Mary Green take me with you! I’ll? share my spot with you ??

Nikolai Strov?Did he ever say that these people/searchers were physically there? Did what he said, imply that?? I feel like there is some Jedi going on there

amy smith?Omega can? mean The End

phil?I thought put in was to get in the water until recently…now I think? it means to put in for the night

Bill Gorman?I agree Jimmy, he tested? the spot for a year or two with just the box there or a test box.

Nikolai Strov?500/200 is hard to gauge on the ground, let? alone a photo

Seannm Seannm?@Eric Schmidt, “I followed the clues in the poem when I hid the treasure, but I hid it before the poem was complete. (Completed). I am of the opinion that stanzas 2, 3 and 4 are those he? “followed”

amy smith?@virgil Cain? – where are you from?

Edward Owen?AGK is it possible he took 2 trips on 2 separate? days to hide treasure? Is that a possibility?

Virgil Caine is my name?@amy smith Iowa? and you?

Seannm Seannm?@Eric Schmidt, So? once he returned he then wrote stanza 1, hence the tense nature of “As I have gone alone in there…..”

Nikolai Strov?How? long is an afternoon?

Bill Gorman?He must have? tested his spot with something less valuable before eating the treasure.

amy smith?@virgil Mississippi but grew? up in arkansas

Seannm Seannm?@Bill,? I agree with that thought

Bill Gorman?Eating the treasure? ????

Eric Schmidt?@Seannm Seannm where did you get the quote to which you? are referring?

Joe Mazzocco?OMG!!!!! he? ate the Treasure?

AJ 21?[message retracted]

Seannm Seannm?@Bill, that testing may have confirmed the belief that no one will? stumble or happen upon it.

amy smith?@virgil – Just wondering if? you were into music

Bill Gorman?I use Wizards? to help me find it, the hills talk to me and point me in the right direction by looking for clues in plain sight

Mary Green?@Nikolai Strov, keep track? 123

Nikolai Strov?I stayed? the night near eagles nest

Bill Gorman?No dam where Warm Waters? halt but there is one at the home of brown covered in ice right now

Bryan Eagle?AGK took my 3 daughters to NM last year for multiple trips around Angel Fire, we learned? about how you can’t hide from pm mtn hailstorms, although we huddled under some ponderosa branches. gr8 times

Steve Smitherman?Amy Smith we are? neighbors im from alabama

Nikolai Strov?Roll Tide? Roll

Joe Mazzocco?boooooo?

Joel Lewicki?hey! better late than? never

Mary Green?@Nikolai? Strov @marygreen

David Charles Davio22?**AGK** AN 80 year ole man can only go down hill with 20 pound pack, and? with walking poles. On BLM land Did you all start with that ? Warm Halt! cool water begins. Your thoughts?

Bryan Eagle?Contd- We’re bringing extra rain gear next time, more water bottles and more small snacks. Breaks at high? altitudes for us lowlanders are a must!

Seannm Seannm?@Eric Schmidt, that quote was from periodic words on MW in June of 17. The site is currently down atm so? can’t provide link.

Bill Gorman?Miss Ford had a face like? a can opener! So does Fenn’s Totem!

Joey Pero?@AGK? IMO “effort will be worth the cold” = worth all the effort you put in during the winter working on the solve (cold months).

MR G?AGK–Do you believe there are hints within the poem, aside from the 9 direct clues given? What about any words in the poem meant to throw one? off?

Bill Gorman?Treasure is in? a summer rain forest

Mary Green?@Nikolai Strov gmail? dot

Virgil Caine is my name?@amy smith , how did you? guess? And I drove on the Danville train. ??

Seannm Seannm?@Joey Pero, effort,? it takes effort to listen good, but to hear is passive and takes no effort.

AJ 21?[message retracted]

Nikolai Strov?@Mary Green? strov910 @gmail .com ??

Joshua Weickum?Has Forrest ever been asked how old? “Brown”is?

Mary Green?listen good, is to hear?

Steven Merillat?10000 feet is? always cold

Nikolai Strov?When knowledge speaks, wisdom listens?

Seannm Seannm?@Mary, there is a distinct difference between hearing and listening good, my wife points it out to me often.?

amy smith?@virgil – I wish I’d known Levon before? he died. I’m from that area. Know all their songs.

Mary Green?Nikolai? Strov kk

David Charles Davio22?AGK * there are 166 words in the Poem.Times Steps from page 15? = 365.2 Is this away of referencing a compass?A clock?

Steven Merillat?@Joshua Weickum FF wouldn’t? answer that kind of question

AJ 21?[message retracted]

Edward Owen

AGK Do? you Think it is possible FF took 2 trips on 2 separate days to hide treasure? Is that at all a outside possibility, because Treasure was too heavy?

Bill Gorman?It’s in a public? R.O.W

Jimmy Fast?Two trips on? the same afternoon

Nikolai Strov?@Edward? Owen he has stated it was done in the same afternoon.. 2 trips to his vehicle in one afternoon

Mary Green?FF said he did it? in 1 afternoon 2 trips

Edward Owen?Thx!?

Steven Merillat?Lol,? Bill your gonna make some brains explode

amy smith?@steven? merillat – life is but a dream.

Bill Gorman?Find it? on the side of the road and you can keep it

Dan Kirk?AGK: Maybe Forrest’s reasoning was that the treasure? would be more secure in his hiding spot then leaving it in his car? Perhaps that’s why he took it first?

Aksarben?hey guys made it to the tail? end, but I’m here! 🙂

Joe Mazzocco?@ AGK How long does a drive to San Luis take from Sante Fe for you? What kind? of driver is Forrest, I’m guessing slow cruiser type enjoying the drive.

Aksarben?do? you think the chest is hidden withing 200-500feet from a trail or parking spot?

MrBmchapman?Hi Toby and Shelley! Love your videos and look forward to them each week- When did you guys first find out about the treasure and what? was it that drew you to it? -Brad

Nikolai Strov?My blaze is 500ft ???

Denise Bagley?[message retracted]

Mary Green?AGK we are good @ multi tasking? LOL

Bill Gorman?His Drawings are his trove to seek,? each is a blaze

Cheeky Lads?Message deleted by Jimmy Fast.View deleted message

Nikolai Strov?Thank you!?
Cheeky Lads was hidden by Jimmy Fast.

Bill Gorman?People within 200 feet, drove by?

Nikolai Strov?The 200ft? is inside the 500ft

Denise Bagley?[message retracted]


Have you discussed the “Brown Put-In” off hwy 89? Also, there is a? book that says Joe Meek was runoff by Indians at the mouth of Tom Miner’s creek, which is too far to walk and downstream from there. Any thoughts?

Sean Malloy?the clues did not exist, but the places the clues referred? to did

Bryan Schultz?The clues did not exist when I was a kid but most of the places the clues refer? to did

Joshua Weickum?do we have to have? money to ask a question?

Jimmy Fast?No?

Seannm Seannm?@joshua, no just? start with AGK

Steven Merillat?200ft to Parking lot – HOB, 1079 feet to? blaze area.

Joel Lewicki?Bryan has the correct quote – namely that? *most* of the places the clues refer to did

Joshua Weickum?thanks?

Mary Green?@Joshua? Weickum, no use AGK then Q

Aksarben?1500 miles? at 35mph LOL

Thomas Dye?@agk. I am from southern AL.? my camper doesn’t do good in cold weather. When does the summer season start in your area?

Bill Gorman?San Luis? about 60 miles from Taos

Jimmy Fast?AGK I see the super chat button now on my iphone?????

Bryan Schultz?Not sure where to put the chest after i go get it.? Under my pillow?

Joshua Weickum?AGK Do we know is there anyone has asked Forrest? how old any of the things referenced in the clue are? Specifically how long has it been since Brown first had a home

Nikolai Strov?It could be literal,? it could be figurative

J C?agk 0 botg. what’s the odds of me? finding it on the first trip.haha

AJ 21?[message retracted]

freckleface2?AGK: why do you think FF capitalized the “B” in brown? Must be more than fish? or bear indications, eh?

David Charles Davio22?AGK HAve you seen the videos? fromThe Bullalo Bill Center of the west, McCracken Research Library when Fenn was inter veiwed 2010.

Eric Schmidt?@J C? Good luck!!

Nikolai Strov?Why didn’t he capitalize Trove? ???

Steven Merillat?@AJ 21 yes and he? has stated that as late as last year, there is a search season

Nikolai Strov?I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow! See you next? time ??

Eric Schmidt?AGK: How do you look? at Snowmass? TO determine when you can get out to look?

Bill Gorman?I swam? in the Arkansas River on March 10, 2016

James Kruse?iPad donate $? is working also now

J C?thanks? Eric

ZYNGR?AGK So, can you? explain in more detail why are you against looking north of Yellowstone (Hwy 89)

Bill Gorman?Use Highway? cams

James Kruse?I’m in the iPad? app

David Dow?My iPhone 6, still no super chat. Just? using YouTube app.

Heather Guillen?AGK When was the very first time Fenn stepped foot into New Mexico??

Bill Gorman?A Mammoth Trunk is a Chest?

Joe Mazzocco?@ Eric Snow? could still be around till June.

Jimmy Fast?YouTube app? gray dollar sign

Bill Gorman?Elephants are Nature’s Treasure!?

Jon Polasek?@AGK Do you think? Quest to cease could be a reference to Questa, NM?

Je Ra?Zyngr: ff said something like best places to explore don’t have trails but some places aren’t safe? to do that like Yellowstone, he said specifically

Jarod Atchley?AGK What is your favorite part? of looking for the treasure?

An Average Person?AGK if “most” of the areas existed when he was a kid, which one(s) didn’t? Do you have something in your solution that? was created after FF was a kid?

Joshua Weickum?Sorry? there is a delay for me.

Steven Merillat???????????????????

marwkarl?AGK: if a Lucky? Swede find the treasure.. how do you suggest he does next?

Joe Mazzocco?Not? alot of snow around this year though

Bill Gorman?Android has super chat $?

James Kruse?Thanks? guys

Heather Guillen?AGK How would I obtain a copy of the chat??

kinsol?thanks AGK?

B Cross?Great? show

Je Ra?AGK: what year was he planning to originally leave? his car at the Denver museum.

Ryan Lowe?Thanks AGK! Great show? as always

Paul McGinty?Thanks great? show

Virgil Caine is my name?Thanks Toby and Shelley?

Jarod Atchley?@Heather Guillen he puts them on? the blog

Jimmy Fast?@heather go to?

Bill Gorman?you hear bears coming, cats? are quiet

David Dow?I noticed the frustration in the beginning. It was handled well. Everything went great afterwards. Another? great show.

ZYNGR?Thanks … fun channel???

MrBmchapman?Even though Forest didn’t? say…Do you think digging is required to find treasure if you had to guess?

Paul McGinty?@Bill Gorman?you hear bears coming, cats are quiet ……lol brilliant?

Jimmy Fast?I guess no?

Joe Mazzocco?no digging required?

James Kruse?God? I hope not

Bill Gorman?He said you don’t have to break? anything to get to it, does that include!use the ground?

David Charles Davio22?LOVE? to all BAck too Co..

James Kruse?Now back to Cowlazars puzzle? 3

Bill Gorman?My social security does not support super chat?

Mary Green?AGK thank? you

Steven Merillat?/wave?

Eric Schmidt?Thank? you guys

Mary Green?thanks see? you then

Joe Mazzocco?be? safe

Mary Green?@ group when you go to AGK live link,even when? off air the chat still works is that the way it works

Mary Green?see it works?

Joe Mazzocco?i see u? Mary

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