Forrest Fenn Book Club – TTOTC – Ch 11 The Totem Cafe Caper

Join Shelley Carney and Toby Younis of A Gypsy’s Kiss as they discuss, in detail, Chapter 11 in Forrest Fenn’s first Memoir (The Thrill of the Chase), “The Totem Cafe Caper.”

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4 thoughts on “Forrest Fenn Book Club – TTOTC – Ch 11 The Totem Cafe Caper

  1. am i able to share what i understand from this chapter, when you are not live?

  2. Hi Toby & Shelley,
    Another entertaining and inciteful presentation. Considering the words and thoughts you note in this chapter which are also found in the poem, a question ocurred to me. Forgive me if this is common knowledge in the search community, but do you have any idea or opinion as to which was written first – the poem, or the text of TTOTC? (I realize that the wording of the poem was finalized over an extended period of time.) If there’s evidence that the poem came first, then any ‘hints’ in the text could be seen as more purposeful, as opposed to merely coincidental. What do you think?

    • They two, that is the book and the poem, evolved over time. Many of the stories in the book were written as early as the mid-1990s as Fenn was encouraged by his friends to write down his stories. I don’t think there is a one before the other.


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