Our Fenn Searcher Coins Arrived Today!

The Fenn Searcher Coins we order from Mike Cowling, Cowlazars on YouTube, arrived today. They look really good, and they feel good in the hand. They have good size and weight. We ordered 10 of them, and will give 3 to the moderators in our YouTube live chat, one to team member Kevin Carney, and one to team member Jason Younis. Shelley and I will keep one each. That leaves three we’ll be giving away on our Tuesday live stream at agypsyskiss.tv

We’ll ask the room to solve a trivia question and post the answer to one of our previously published videos. Competition is open to anyone in the chat room at the time of the live stream.

Come join us: Tuesday’s 1pm MDT at agypsyskiss.live

Note: Mike still has some coins available if you want one of your own. You can purchase them at http://www.cowlazars.com