Latest Article on Forrest Fenn and His Treasure

Note: KPro posted this response from Fenn on Hint of Riches earlier this afternoon. Fenn was asked what he thought of the article. His response:

Comment from Fenn regarding the article, after the fact: “The interview was last week, and it’s a weekly paper. There were some misquotes and some made-up quotes, but overall I thought it was a good story. When she quoted me accurately she didn’t speak my language. F”

Byline: Julie Ann Grimm, Santa Fe Reporter, June 13, 2018

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2 thoughts on “Latest Article on Forrest Fenn and His Treasure

  1. As an archeologist, I’m sure FF buried the chest. What are the laws about digging on public land, park land and/ or BLM land?

    • Which is, of course, why Fenn always says “He didn’t say he buried it.” The laws covering treasure on government land are long, convoluted, dependent on who administers the land, and, in my experience, vary from instance to instance. We use this to perform our research on the matter:

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