More Fenn Treasure Articles Due

Four Fenn Articles

By our count, we’ll see at least four articles covering the Fenn treasure before the end of the summer. There are two that Fenn mentioned to the community earlier in the year, and at least two from journalists on the ground in Santa Fe over the Fennboree 2018 weekend.

West Yellowstone

Open source intelligence sources confirm to us that the two Fenn mentioned earlier in the year could come from “Wired” magazine and “The Guardian,” the British newspaper. We expect more information on the “Wired” magazine edition, since the writer is in the Yellowstone area this week. (As searcher Cynthia Meachum, confirmed in an earlier interview on our YouTube channel.) Meachum is also in Yellowstone at this time, and hosted a “Function in the Junction” event for other searchers in the area on the evening of June 23rd. The writer was expected to be in attendance.

Credentialed Journalists at Collected Works Book Signing

There were two credentialed journalists (both with photographers in tow) at Fenn’s book signing on Saturday, June 23, 2018. We spoke to them as well as an un-credentialed freelancer, also at the event. Two of them had already met with Fenn, and were planning to meet with him again on Sunday, the 24th. They also interviewed several of the searchers present. All three were at the Friday evening Fennboree event at The Hyatt Place hotel in Santa Fe.

The credentialed journalists were from “Esquire” magazine and “The Daily Mail Online,” the online outlet of the British newspaper.

More details to follow as they become available.

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