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On Sunday, July 1, 2018 a searcher whose screen name is KitKatzz posted an article to reddit.com entitled x. You can go to the article by clicking on the photo above. The article describes a recent trip to test one of their solutions to finding the Forrest Fenn treasure. It is very detailed. I was impressed with the manner in which he completed the article, providing a list of things the learned as a result of their effort. I asked KitKatzz if I could share the advice with my readers, and they agreed.

What They Learned

“Like I said before, We learned a TON while out looking around. The real world isn’t at all what it seems on a map or in photos. Our search is taking a pretty big change in direction after getting out there and I thought I’d share what we learned in hopes that it might help others too.

This trip taught us:

    • Maps and pictures don’t do justice to the scale of anything. Everything is at least 3 or 4 times bigger than you think they are.

    • Most areas in the mountains aren’t easily accessible, especially for an 80 year old man, either because of private property(gates) or terrain.

    • It’s called Mosquito Gulch for a reason. For the love of God, save yourself some anguish and stay away from the area.

    • Mountain streams aren’t warm… like, at all. We went to Ojo Caliente in Yellowstone where Forrest would bathe, and unless you stuck your hand in the spring, the water was ice cold. Even a foot away from where the spring water met the Firehole river, it felt ice cold to the touch. This for us ruled out the Madison junction because neither the Firehole River or the Gibbon would be considered “warm” water before they meet. Either warm waters halt is a hot spring itself, or there’s some other interpretation needed for this clue because I don’t believe you’ll find a warm stream in the mountains.

    • Call a ranger and ask about your area before you go. We probably could have found out the road was meant for ATV’s before we went.

I hope you find the list useful, and strongly recommend you read the entire article. While you may not agree with their solution, it’s a well-written summary of their effort.

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