“The Thrill of the Chase” is Not About Yellowstone

The Letter That Started It

About a week ago, we received an email from a searcher who, apparently, is also a viewer of our channel. I told him that I was going to cover the topic on our next vlog, and asked his permission to use his letter, anonymously, to start the program. I also asked his permission to use his letter in, as it turns out, this blog post. As you can see in his letter, his basic premise is that Fenn’s first memoir, “The Thrill of the Chase,” indicates, to this searcher, that the treasure is hidden in Yellowstone National Park.

Dear Toby and Shelley,

I love your guys work. Thank you for all your hard work. But, I don’t think your rite with your idea that the treasure is in New Mex. I belief that the treasure is hid in Yellowstone. He said so in his book where he talks about the time he spent there as a kid. It’s what he talks about the most. Just read it. That is why I belief my theory is correct that it is in Yellowstone. Lets see if you can provide that I am wrong. Good luck searching in New Mex, but I have emailed Mr. Forrest and told him about my solve and I’m going to get it this summer as soon as I can get some vacation.

A faithful subscriber,

How We Feel About It

We have often said we have no interest in searching Yellowstone National Park, for a variety of reasons, all of which are counter-indications to what the searcher above believes. We have no more proof than he, and ultimately the only way for either of us to prove the other wrong, is for one of us to produce the recovered treasure.

On the other hand, we had heard from other searchers prior to this one, that the book (TTOTC) was all about the summers Fenn spent in the Yellowstone National Park area as a youth.

It was Shelley, who spends more time than I do in deep analysis of the book, who said, “No, that’s not right.”

“What’s not right,” I asked.

“That the book is about him in Yellowstone. The numbers don’t support it.”

She then convinced me to perform an actual count of chapters and pages dedicated to each of four locations Fenn writes about in TTOTC: Texas, the Yellowstone Area, Viet Nam, and New Mexico.

Shelley’s right. The numbers don’t support the hypothesis. We’ll discuss it in greater detail in our vlog of July 10, 2018. (You can see that video here.)

In the Meantime…

We’ll leave you with this:

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