Forrest Fenn Book Club – TTOTC – Chapter 17 “My War for Me” – Part 7 of 7

Join Shelley Carney and Toby Younis of A Gypsy’s Kiss as they discuss the last of seven sections in Chapter 17 (My War for Me) in Forrest Fenn’s first memoir, “The Thrill of the Chase.”


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OUR opinions drive OUR search for said treasure, and should not be interpreted as suggestions, directions or recommendations to any other person with an interest in the search for said treasure.


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2 thoughts on “Forrest Fenn Book Club – TTOTC – Chapter 17 “My War for Me” – Part 7 of 7

  1. Toby and Shelley, i enjoyed listening to your 7 parts series. You did a great job and made an otherwise miserable commute a rewarding experience. Is it possible “My War For Me” is not so much about the location of the treasure chest but is really just about Mr. Fenn and the treasure chest. Forgive a sinner and smile at a homely girl. The 22 lbs. of flesh Mr. Fenn gave to the war he has placed in the chest as an offering for forgiveness and the Indulgence by now will appear quite homely after 8 years of harsh conditions but upon opening she will make you smile. The rest of “My War For Me” supports this concept of reconciliation and legacy. Who knows, maybe some or all of his medals could be in the chest as well. Wondering if anyone has seen his medals since he hide the chest. Just my thoughts

    • Pretty wise thinking, Jeff. I don’t know about the medals. I’m not sure which way I’d bet on whether he’s shown them off or not. Interesting question to ponder.

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