Selected Notes and Quotes from “Finding Fenn’s Treasure”

The following are selected notes and Forrest Fenn quotes from the October 16, 2017 article in “Big Sky” online entitled, “Finding Fenn’s Treasure.”

“We tried to stay off of the road. We were middle teens when we did that trip, and we quickly ran out of candy bars. When fishermen on the Gallatin learned what we were doing they gave us food.

When I hid this treasure, this country was in a recession and lots of people were losing their jobs. I wanted to give hope to those who were willing to strike the trail and search for something that would make their existence a little easier.

The treasure is hidden in a place where I would not mind spending a few thousand years.

Big Sky is such a beautiful place it’s natural for people to want to search there. I get emails from some of them and they thank me for giving them the excuse to go into your country.

But, I will say thousands of families have ventured into the forested areas of the Rockies and returned home with wonderful memories that will last as long as time itself.”

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