John Wayne Bobbit Donates 1kg(!) .999 Silver Coin to Jamie Jourdan Raffle!

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Although there have been a number of generous donations made to the Jamie Jourdan Raffle by members of the Fenn searcher community, our viewer, subscriber and friend, John Wayne Bobbit donated a 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) .999 fine silver coin from Armenia. In his email to me offering the donation, John wrote

“Toby & Shelly I would like to donate this coin for the raffle. 2 pounds of pure silver, Armenian coin with a Noah’s Ark on it. Uncultivated. It has a dove carrying an olive branch. Representing peace and Hope. The Ark represents the Forrest Fenn community. Reaching out to our fellow searchers in need. You can add it to the raffle? That coin is special and hopefully along with the other raffle items will inspire people to chip in during this tragic situation.”

We are very grateful to John for his generous donation.

If you want to participate in the raffle, a donation of $25 will get you one entry into the raffle drawing. You can donate at You can get more information on the raffle at

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