Photo Album: Recon #32 – Rio de los Piños

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2 thoughts on “Photo Album: Recon #32 – Rio de los Piños

  1. Hello Toby and Shelley,
    So I gather that you have given up on pre-defining “Home of Brown” or “The Blaze”. Do you feel that if you’re in the right area, it will become readily apparent?
    FYI: Those “rock dams” you show discribe look to me like rock vanes, built to prevent bank erosion and/or enhance fish habitat. There should be good pools just downstream of those vanes. If you’re not already familiar, you might want to check out the very probable builder, David Rosgen (also an avid fly fisherman) and his company, Wildland Hydrology. They were once based in Pagosa Springs, CO, (now located in Boulder) which, I assume, is not too far from where you were. He is at the forefront of research and education in the field of Applied Fluvial Geomorphology, and the design and construction of river restoration projects. I had the priveledge of studying under him in the early 2000’s, and tried my best to advocate for his principles in Southeastern PA while working for the DEP (a sometimes frustrating task to say the least).
    So if your main premise (where warm waters halt) is correct, It’s only a matter of time before the treasure is found by someone. After all of your hard work, I hope it’s you!

    • Hey, Allen. Yes. We find the poem a distraction. Our plan is to keep looking until we stumble over it.

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