Forrest has words for AGK! Well…kinda.

As we mentioned on today’s Forrest Fenn Book Club live stream, Fenn Treasure Hunter Cindy Guess, one of our subscribers and regular viewers, took it upon herself to write Fenn and ask him a question regarding Chapter 21 in his first memoir, “The Thrill of the Chase,” entitled “Father on the Banco.” Forrest responded!

Here is the email conversation between the two, copied and pasted in it’s entirety, and without editing.

Hi Forrest,

Do you have any words I can share with the search community this afternoon on AGK TTOTC book club?  They are on the chapter titled “Father on the Banco”.

Your Friend,

Cindy Guess
 A Hoosier Sister

My father was strict in his personal habits and wanted the events in his immediate future to be predictable. I am just the opposite so that probably made me a culture shock to him. I never had the patients to do what he did so well and he could not have existed even one day in the daily atmosphere that I always chose accidentally. f

Thank you, Cindy. Thank you, Forrest

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  2. Hmm? Is the modern day version of that called “Analysis Paralysis”? I could be off the mark on this one.

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