The Never-ending Debate Over the Difference Between “Hints” and “Clues”

This is going to be short and sweet.

Debating whether something Fenn has written or spoken is either a “hint” or a “clue” is a waste of time and effort.

In my time in the intelligence community, I don’t recall any conversation with anyone in which it was debated whether or not the incoming intelligence was a hint or a clue.

We needed to know two things: was the intelligence “credible” (information reliability and source reliability) and was the intelligence “actionable.” Do yourself a favor and read the definitions of credible intelligence and actionable intelligence.

In the case of the hunt for Fenn’s treasure, we have a big advantage – there is only one credible source, Fenn. If the intelligence doesn’t come directly from him, either in the spoken or written word, you can effectively discount its credibility by 20% for each degree of separation.

Whether or not the intelligence is actionable is the only question that remains. How does it get you closer to finding the treasure?

Stop wasting time and effort debating the difference between hints and clues, and go find that treasure.

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